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UFC Fight Night 48 results recap: Tyron Woodley vs Dong Hyun Kim fight review and analysis

With a loss damaging their chances in the welterweight title picture, Tyron Woodley and Dong Hyun Kim had a mountain of pressure on their shoulders, and it was “The Chosen One” making quick work of his opponent this past Saturday (Aug. 23, 2014) at UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs. Le” in Macau. Take a look at our fight breakdown below.

Victor Fraile

That's how you take care of business.

Tyron Woodley was told "he choked in the big fights" after his lopsided loss against Rory MacDonald at UFC 174. After beating Carlos Condit at UFC 171, which many didn't consider a real victory for the Missouri native because of an injury to Condit's knee during their bout, Woodley seemed destined for a title shot until running into "Ares."

Dong Hyun Kim, on the other hand, was riding a four-fight win streak before entering the Octagon against "T-Wood" at UFC Fight Night 48 yesterday (Sat., Aug. 23, 2014) in Macau, China, which included knockout victories over Erick Silva and John Hathaway, courtesy of a new balls-to-the-walls fight style that saw him ferociously trade against his foes.

The deal could have been sweeter for Kim had he won, considering he was close to home and would have wound up unbeaten in his last five, which would have been the closest he's ever been to the Welterweight belt.

However, a game Woodley  laid down the law in just 61 seconds.

As soon as the "Fight Pass" co-main event started, Kim pressured Woodley and backed him up, which was the right thing to do. However, "Stun Gun's" reckless style was put into question after he threw a punch and ate a stiff counter from the American.

After some clinching against the cage, both welterweights separated in order to continue trading strikes. In what would be a foolish move, and his demise altogether, Kim decided to throw a spinning back fist, hoping his left would do the deed. As he turned, Woodley clipped him on the temple (or the back of the head, if you agree with Kenny Florian), and dropped the South Korean, who had his back to him while attempting the blow.

It was no secret that Kim was dazed, if not already beaten. As he turned onto his back, Woodley started to hack away at him with right hands, and a downed "Stun Gun" eventually absorbed a number of lefts and rights until referee Leon Roberts stepped in to save the South Korean from additional punishment.

The impressive victory from the "Performance of The Night" winner shot him right back into the title picture, or at least gave him enough leverage to keep him in the top 5 at welterweight. Maybe McDonald truly is that good, and Woodley was over matched on that night in Vancouver.

Nevertheless, this was exactly the type of performance Woodley needed to silence his doubters. He's a well-rounded athlete who may be entering the prime of his career at this very moment, showcasing his well roundedness and a sense of urgency that may not have been there against "Ares," according to his boss.

As for Kim, he was gracious in defeat, and will presumably come back stronger, yet his brawling and daredevil style just won't work against a technical striker ... or a skilled boxer of "T-Wood's" caliber. He's still got enough time to make another impressive run at 170 pounds, although it's hard to believe he has what it takes to muster up another streak like his most recent one.

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