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Video: Houston karate clerk who thwarted gas station robbery receives open invitation to train at Black House MMA

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What's the reward you get for beating down a couple of thieves? An open invitation to train with the gym that houses former UFC champions Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and other mixed martial arts (MMA) legends.

Mayura Dissanyake, the man who took down a couple of would-be thieves during an attempted robbery earlier this week in Houston, Texas (video), has received an open invitation to train with one of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) camps in the world.

Kenny Johnson, who honed his wrestling skills under the legend Dan Gable at the University of Iowa and has passed on his knowledge to some of the best MMA fighters in the sport today, sent out this video message (via JAY Z's Life+Times) to Mayura to train at Black House MMA.

"That fighter from the convenience store, I want him to come train with us. I want him for sure. As soon as I saw that video and saw he was from Houston, I started calling a couple of people from Houston, like, 'Hey, do you know this guy?' So, whoever you are, I can't remember his name so I don't want to mess it up; if you watch this, put the call out, come train with us, Kenny Johnson and Ed Soares said to come to Black House and train, 100 percent. His skills are good, he's a big guy, we need big guys in here. Please, come from Texas, come on out, you can train Muay Thai with Daniel Vajo, wrestling with me, jiu-jitsu with whoever you want. We got 20 black belts in here. Please come train with us, that would be fantastic."

Mayura, a five-time MMA champion in his native country of Sri Lanka, came to the aid of one of his co-workers when a group of men tried to take a bag of money from him.

What ensued was a complete beatdown, as Mayura delivered a left kick to head of one of the perps before flooring another bigger man with a swift three-punch combination before others joined in to help.

For good measure, Mayura floored one of the assailants, yet again, as he unsuccessfully tried to get away, thanks to his "friends" leaving him behind.

If he every wanted to make the most of an opportunity, now is the time for Dissanyake to pack his bags and head to sunny California to sharpen his tools with some of the best in the business.