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Anthony Johnson: The Alistair Overeem takedown that injured Jon Jones was done 'accidentally on purpose'

And "Rumble" wouldn't mind getting the opportunity to knock his former Blackzilian teammate's head clean off.

Esther Lin/ MMA Fighting

Sorry Greg Jackson, but Anthony Johnson isn't buying your story.

After Jon Jones was forced to bow out of his light heavyweight title fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 178 due to an injury, Jackson (Jon's trainer) revealed that it was during a training session with Alistair Overeem when "Bones" suffered the unfortunate tear in his knee.

Johnson, Alistair's former Blackzilian teammate, says if it happened during a session with "The Reem," then it was an accident that was done on purpose. Because as "Rumble" told Fighters Only, the heavyweight striker has a history of doing things like that.

He explains.

"Greg Jackson says it wasn't on purpose, but I know the man and when he was here he was always hurting somebody. Accidentally on purpose. And it ain't because he's clumsy, he ain't clumsy, he would just hurt you. I've seen the guy do it. I've seen him basically bullying and stuff ... If Joe Silva called me up and offered me that fight, yeah, I'd take that and knock his head off ... And, well, right now, Alistair Overeem is the right guy (laughs). I'd love to knock him out. And I'd do it with a big smile on my face too."

When Overeem parted ways with The Blackzilians, stories began to emerge from Florida that the former K-1 striker wasn't exactly the ideal teammate; preferring to train solo and go all-out against his sparring partners to the point of hurting them.

And if given the opportunity, "Rumble" wouldn't mind stepping inside the Octagon against his former teammate and knocking his head clean off, sort of like this.

Overeem, meanwhile, simply wants to let bygones be bygones.

While the Jackson-Winkeljohn camp is adamant Alistair would never hurt a teammate on purpose, they'll have a hard time convincing Johnson otherwise.

Therein lies the problem with reputations, the bad ones are very hard to shake off.

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