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Josh Barnett 'incredibly busy' and doesn't know when he'll return to UFC

When will "The Warmaster" return to the Octagon? Josh Barnett says he isn't too sure, as his projects away from the cage have been keeping him pretty busy as of late.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Since losing to Travis Browne at UFC 168 back on Dec. 28, 2013 (video), not much has been heard from Josh Barnett, as far as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) side of things is concerned.

"The Warmaster" has been keeping pretty busy outside of the Octagon, though, as he recently competed in the co-main event of Metamoris 4 and did the unthinkable by forcing Dean Lister to tap out in the waning moments of their heavyweight match in Los Angeles, California.

See it here.

Barnett has also been occupied with his new gig as host of the "Josh Barnett Conquers The World" podcast, which is powered and backed by FOX Sports. He's also dabbled in the world of acting, earning a part in Steven Seagal's latest B-level movie project, "Absolution."

With a full plate like that, it's no wonder Barnett hasn't had time to even think about getting back into the cage. And as he reveled during his guest spot on The MMA Hour, he may not return to action until 2015.

His words:

"I'm far from done, as you can see by Metamoris. I still got the go. But, to be honest, like I said, I've been so incredibly busy with so many incredible opportunities right now that it's hard to find the chance to make something like that happen. I've got a set of films to shoot toward the end of the year. And they don't happen real quick, if you know what I mean. We've already done one at Pitch Fork Fest and we're going to be doing another at FYF in L.A. on August 23-24 for soon for Ray Ban Sunglasses in the promotion that they are doing. These movies coming over in Eastern Europe, Metamoris, the podcast ... I've got a pretty full plate. It takes care of me quite well. But as you see, the fire is still there, I'm training everyday. I train my students in the morning, I lift, I hit the gym. I got Tony Nelson, two-time NCAA heavyweight champion, and just a total mountain of a man; he's six foot four, 286 pounds ripped. He's going to come to California to run camps at Brea High School. I'm going to teach him some catch and help with their wrestling. He's also going to come in to help me with my wrestling game and probably try to take my head off my shoulders. But, hey, that's cool."

Barnett, however, did say he is not done fighting, though he doesn't necessarily have to go back for the sheer purpose of collecting a paycheck.  And when he does come back, it will be because he loves to compete and truly has a passion for the sport.

Still, "The Warmaster" can't just brush aside the bevy of opportunities that are coming his way outside of fighting, so one can't blame him for making the most of his time. One thing is certain, the heavyweight division will continue to march forward without him, even it's a bit more exciting with the longtime veteran in the mix.

So much for that 12-step program.

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