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UFC Fight Night 47 live results stream

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to FOX Sports 1 this Saturday night (Aug. 16, 2014) with UFC Fight Night 47: "Bader vs. St. Preux" from Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine. Get complete, official results, live updates and real-time coverage starting at 8 p.m. ET on fight night below.

Did you enjoy your little break?

After a few weeks off, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is finally back in action this Saturday night (Aug. 16, 2014) with a FOX Sports 1-televised main card that features an important light heavyweight main event between top-10 standouts Ryan Bader and Ovince St. Preux.

The UFC Fight Night 47 action, which will take place inside Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine, will begin at 8 p.m. ET with a four-fight "Prelims" broadcast that will air live on FOX Sports 2 before transitioning to FOX Sports 1 for the remainder of main card match ups.

In addition to the headliner, former lightweight number one contender Gray Maynard tries to rebound from a pair of horrific knockout losses by steamrolling British banger Ross Pearson, while middleweight "Barbarian" Tim Boetsch attempts to keep his career afloat by sinking Brad Tavares.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 47 fight card BELOW, starting with the FOX Sports 2 "Prelims" matches, which are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX Sports 1 main card at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised warfare to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 47) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Bader vs. St. Preux."

See below for the upcoming UFC Fight Night 47 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

You got Patty Stumpy and Cory uh... Braity for the evening doing your blow-by-blow.


Ryan Bader def. Ovince St. Preux by unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)
Ross Pearson def. Gray Maynard by TKO (punches) at 1:35 rd 2
Tim Boetsch def. Brad Tavares by KO (punch) at 3:18 rd 2
Alan Jouban def. Seth Baczynski by KO (punch) at 4:23 rd 1
Shawn Jordan def. Jack May by TKO (punches) at 2:03 rd 3
Thiago Tavares def. Robbie Peralta by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:27 rd 1

Jussier Formiga def. Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Sara McMann def. Lauren Murphy by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
Tom Watson def. Sam Alvey by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Frankie Saenz def. Nolan Ticman by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Ryan Bader vs. Ovince St. Preux

Round 1: Main Event time, finally. Tan Dan is going to ref this, and that seems fitting, given that there's two big fellas about to swing. Bader in black and red. OSP in orange. OSP with his hands very low. He comes forward with a right that doesn't land. Neither does a counter left a few moments later after Bader engaged. OSP came in swinging and Bader ducked down into the takedown. Bader in side control. Stop and start GNP as OSP is trying to squirm out of the bottom. OSP rolls and gives up his back to stand - and he gets it. Left kick hits the shoulder of Ryan. Preux gets in a left. He tries another and eats a counter. That was a nice left from OSP. Bader with a sweet counter left as OSP surged in. Preux does likewise in the next exchange. "Darth" just runs right over OSP for a takedown.

10-10, because those takedowns don't mean much and striking was near even.

Round 2: Bader runs ahead to try that same takedown, but Preux moves to his left and Bader is out of position. OSP swings big, but Bader manages to avoid big damage. OSP with a high kick. Loud body kick lands for OSP. OSP gets in a nice backhand right and a left. Bader is tentative at the moment. Bader shoots from the outside and misses. There's a counter left from Bader. OSP lands a clipping hook. A jab and a left from OSP. Bader hits a right. That's a nice looping left from OSP. Bader shoots and Ovince reverses him. He's on top in Bader's guard. Bader kicks him off after juts one shot in. OSP sprints forward, pumping out power lefts to try and catch Bader. He gets in a partial one before Bader fires back.

10-9 Preux.

Round 3: Bader tried a question mark kick that didn't land. Preux is spamming lefts when he gets Bader moving backwards, trying to smash one in. Bader with a nice right hand directly into a takedown. OSP is up on hist feet immediately. Bader with a suplex off the body lock, despite Preux grabbing the top of the cage. Side control. Preux spins into guard and then stands. Bader with a right and back into a takedown. Full guard. Half. Couple of elbows get in for the Arizonan. Preux holding off the damage pretty well so far. There's an elbow and a left. Standing, but a body lock. OSP tried a switch that got stuffed. OSP stands back up and turns into Bader.

10-9 Bader

Round 4: OSP gets in a left. OSP with a 1-2 that has Bader backing up and shooting. OSP gets out of it. Body kick and a stuffed takedown for OSP. OSP fakes an uppercut and wings a huge overhand that gives Bader a free haircut. Bader shoots, Preux sprawls, Bader hits a knee and sucks in OSP's hips for the takedown. He's on OSP's back. OSP stands after a few punches, but Bader's got the hands grasped and down goes Ovince. OSP giving up wrist control and that lets Bader take the back. Bader on top in quarter guard.

10-9 Bader

Round 5: First solid blow of the round is a left from OSP. Preux charges and misses. OSP shoots and gets it as Bader tries to go for a kimura. OSP in side control. Bader spins in and now on his hands and knees. OSP looking for a D'arce then a backtake. They're standing and Bader gets a hip toss. He's on top in OSP's loose half guard. He could pass at any time, but he's content to ground and pound in half. OSP shirks him off and stands. Body lock from Bader. OSP switches out of it and he's in on a takedown. Bader is bleeding. OSP is wasting time. Bader stands and shoots. OSP tries the Travis Browne style elbows. Bader with the body lock. He's milking the clock. Another switch fails for Ovince. Ryan just leaning on him. Bader just spamming takedown attempts.

10-9 Bader

Final result: Ryan Bader def. Ovince St. Preux by unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)


Gray Maynard vs. Ross Pearson

Round 1: Pearson in black, Maynard in gray and green. We've got Peterson as the third again. Maynard pawing and circling early. Left hook for Maynard. One for Pearson. Maynard tries another hook and immediately ducks under an expected counter. Both fighters ducking low on their defensive measures. Maynard with a double-leg and is working to keep Ross down. Ross uses the cage and is back on two feet early. Maynard with 3 good body shots. Pearson hits a right and they break. Left from the Brit. Jab from the Bully, but he misses the big right. Maynard misses an uppercut and Pearson whiffs on a head kick. They're still changing levels simultaneously and are probably gonna clash heads soon. Jab from Maynard and a takedown against the cage. He's unable to hold Pearson down and Ross gets in a knee. Pearson slips and punches. They trade rights.

10-9 Maynard in a close round

Round 2: Not much for the first 45 seconds, but Maynard gets a clinch up against the cage. Pearson is able to work him off without getting taken down or eating any damage. Pearson with a right and Maynard gets a body blow. Maynard eats a right and he's suddenly wobbly. Pearson follows up with a big left one and he's down on his butt. Pearson follows THAT up with spazzing ground and pound as Maynard tries to recover, but the ref stops it and that's all she wrote.

Final result: Ross Pearson def. Ross Pearson by TKO (punches) at 1:35 of round 2


Tim Boetsch vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1: Hometown Boetsch in white, Tavares in blue, MacDonald the ref. Boetsch immediately shoots and Tavares sprawls. Tavares pushes Tim back into the fencing. Boetsch almost nailed the hip toss, but Tavares stiff arms out of it and gets in a right hand. Brad backs off. Boetsch again ducks and has a body lock into the wall. Foot stomp. Tavares reverses and knees the legs. Big right elbow from the Hawaiian that opens up Boetsch. Right from Tavares at the same time Tim hits a knee. Right from Boetsch. Tavares gets in a jab. They trade rights and clash, with Boetsch getting a takedown. Boetsch with some quick short punches, but Tavares stands quickly. Tavares with a body lock and a near takedown from the back. He's kneeing Tim repeatedly, while keeping Tim's shoulder too high for him to get the hand on the ground. Tim looks a bit dispirited here.

10-9 Tavares

Round 2: 1-2 from Brad to open. Tavares wall 'n' stalling the Maine product. Tim with a right as Tavares backs off. They both lands rights. Looping left from Boetsch that he uses to back up Tavares, but Tavares pummels underhooks and reverses Tim. The ref breaks the grinding clinch. There's a big shot and Tavares goes down! Out of nowhere, Tavares is in trouble, and Boetsch plows ahead with a big right that obliterates Brad Tavares! Boetsch with the huge comeback after about nine minutes in a row of almost complete futility.

Final result: Tim Boetsch def. Brad Tavares by KO (punch) at 3:18 of round 2


Seth Baczynski vs. Alan Jouban

Round 1: Jouban in blue, Seth in gray and white. If you think I'm typing out Baczynski multiple times a round, you're insane. Peterson back in to ref. Jouban takes center cage while Seth circles. A minute in and they finally swing a bit, but neither man lands cleanly. Jouban with a couple of kicks. Finally there's a solid shot, an inside leg kick from Alan. High kick lands for Jouban, but Seth comes back with a clean punch that stumbles Jouban back. Seth with punches and then he clinches, but Alan survives. Seth with a double leg, but only gets in a couple punches before Alan stands back up. Jouban with a knee and a punch. Seth powering forward still. Jouban with some knees while Seth with some uppercuts. Jouban tags Seth clean and he's stumbling and DING DONG SETH IS DOWN! Jouban clean KO'd Seth with one well-placed left!

Final result: Alan Jouban def. Seth Baczynski by KO (punch) at 4:23 of round 1


Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May

Round 1: May in red, Jordan in white and our ref is Tan Dan Miragliotta. I'm unsure how one gets 4 different full ride basketball scholarships, but that's Jack May for us all. May coming forward, Jordan counters with a nice 3-2.  Jordan bulls in with a body punch and May gets in a decent counter as well. Jordan enters with a right and they clinch. May breaks off. Jordan with an outside slip and a lead right counter. Jordan has a couple of light cuts on his face already. They trade rights. May with a stiff jab. A low kick, too. Jordan bulls forward with a takedown attempt and finally gets a double up against the cage. Half guard for Jordan. Some ground and pound to the body.

10-9 Jordan in a close round.

Round 2: Jordan comes forward with a 1-1-2, but can't close the distance, as May bails out back and to his right. Big left hook for May catches Jordan as he's circling to that side and there's another cut on Jordan's brow. There's a couple of lefts and Jordan is swarming. Jordan composes himself and takes down May. Jordan in mount, but May regains half guard. May struggling to get up, but Jordan is heavy on top and getting in sporadic GNP. Mount for Jordan. May immediately spins his feet to the cage and tries to buck Jordan off. Jordan spins out to side control and is back on top. Mount and GNP to end the round.

10-9 May, but again, close.

Round 3: Jordan moving forward a bit this round, but neither man is engaging. May comes forward with a punch and a knee, but Jordan capitalizes into a takedown. He's got backmount and is mashing onto May. He's got both hooks in. May's eaten about 30 unanswered, although he's defending pretty well. Jordan ties up a wrist and just keeps pounding away on May's head until the ref has no choice but to stop it.

Final result: Shawn Jordan def. Jack May by TKO (punches) at 2:03 of round 3


Thiago Tavares vs. Robbie Peralta

Round 1: Main card time. Peralta in the black, white and red, Tavares in blue and our ref is MacDonald again. Peralta attempts a counter right, but misses. Tavares bodies Peralta back to the cage and trips him down. Body lock from the back and now Tavares with both hooks in. Peralta trying to spin in, but ends up flat on his stomach. Tavares starts whaling on Peralta and might even finish here. Peralta gets to the side and underneath a bit to stem that onslaught. Flat on his belly again and eating punches and Peralta turns to his back in mount. Submission attempt but more fast-paced GNP here. Peralta nearly rolls into an arm triangle, but rolls back. Same thing almost happens again. Peralta bucks and rolls, but Tavares keeps the hooks in and is still a human book bag on Peralta. All of a sudden, Tavares shoots his hands under the chin and it's deep. Peralta taps after a few seconds of struggle in a round that would've been an easy 10-8 if it had gone another minute.

Final result: Thiago Tavares def. Robbie Peralta by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:27 of round 1


Jussier Formiga vs. Zach Makovsky

Round 1: Juicy A in white, Fun Size in the black, and Keith "no nickname" the ref. Formiga glances in a right. He then slips a left and swings in another right. Makovsky gets in a left. Formiga gets a go-behind and has a body lock from the back. Formiga jumps to the back and Makovsky rolls down to try and buck him off. Makovsky spins, but Formiga monkeys over and stays mostly on the back of Zack. He's looking for an armbar, but it isn't there. Zack gets into full guard and gets in a couple of punches before just abandoning ship and standing up. Makovsky with a nice straight left. Formiga gets in one, too. Formiga ducks under a punch and lands a nice takedown into half guard. Juicy trying to pass and getting in some right hands and elbows.

10-9 Formiga

Round 2: Fun Size glances in a headkick and gets a takedown stuffed. There's a nice single leg from Makovsky, but Formiga is up and standing within five seconds. Two nice short lefts from Zack. Formiga isn't doing much this round so far and we're almost two minutes in. On cue, there's a right and a knee from the Brazilian. Makovsky tried for a hip toss, but didn't get it and Formiga is half on the back again with his left hook in. They're just kind of stalled in this backpack position. Formiga gets in a couple elbows and that makes Makovsky adjust his stance, but he goes too far back and Makovsky is on the ground with Jussier on his back. He's searching for that rear naked, and just softening up Zack with punches and his body triangle.

10-9 Formiga

Round 3: Makovsky gets in a pair of 1-2s to open up. Misses a high kick. Formiga slips, not throwing much. They clinch and break. Duck under from Formiga, and goes for a trip, but Makovsky maintains his balance and lands on top in full guard. Zack with some decent punches and elbows here, but he's not going to finish this from guard. Makovsky realizes this and postures. He flies down with a left, but isn't able to land completely clean. He's trying again, because he's clearly down, but Formiga is holding on well so far. Nice right from Zack. A left, too. Makovsky is hitting him clean, but there's not enough behind them to put the Brazilian out. He postures up and eats an upkick. Nothing that Zack can do is going to end this, and Formiga stands at the end.

10-9 Makovsky

Final result: Jussier Formiga def. Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


Sara McMann vs. Lauren Murphy

Round 1: Still shocking that they put McMann on an FS1 prelim just one match removed from a title shot. McMann in the gray top and black shorts, Murphy in blue shorts and black top. Our ref is Kevin MacDonald. McMann with a right and then immediately shoots and finishes a single. Her head is in poor position, however and Murphy is landing dozens of elbows from the bottom. McMann not being very active on top, but is in much better position. There's some elbows and sporadic GNP. Murphy being active, while McMann is ensuring she doesn't lose the top position. There's some rights from Sara. Kicks to the hip from Murphy, Royce style. McMann ends the round on top.

10-9 McMann, but not by much

Round 2: McMann hits a low kick, but slips on it. Murphy cracks her with a big right as she stands, but McMann is unfazed. McMann backs Murphy into the cage and clinches, but can't get the takedown. Sara with a big punch and transitions directly into a trip takedown and into full guard. There's some occasional GNP again, but Sara is ensuring she stays on top, and the ref seems content to allow a slightly slower pace. McMann passes to the right and is in half. Sara looked like she wanted an Americana for a second, but is now trying to break out of half guard. Full guard now. Finally with about 70 seconds left, MacDonald steps in and we're back to standing. McMann with a body lock and kneeing the thigh. Murphy is pitty patting the face of McMann over and over, but they really don't do much. Elbows from the bottom are all that's left. McMann did almost nothing with her position all round.

10-9 Murphy

Round 3: Leg kick and the 2 on a 1-2 lands for McMann. Jab from Murf. Low kick and a jab back from Sara. Murphy gets in a calf kick. 1-2 into a low single for McMann, and Murphy is trying to stay upright... and eventually does. Nice right from Sara. Another. McMann catches Lauren's low kick and takes her down. Murphy wall walks up and is continuously punching McMann with volume, if not much power. Elbows and punches from Murphy as McMann tries for another takedown. Good balance shown here by Murphy, but I'm not really sure why McMann abandoned the winning standup for a stalemate here. Jab and a low kick from McMann are the last strikes landed.

10-9 Murphy

Final result: Sara McMann def. Lauren Murphy by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)


Sam Alvey vs. Tom Watson

Round 1: Watson stalking forward early. Leg kicks by Watson. Head kick just misses. Alvey pops him with a 3-2. Watson lands an inside low kick, has a high kick blocked. Again. One minute in. Watson targeting the lead leg early. Watson flicking out high kicks amidst the leg kicks. Alvey 1-2 falls short. Two minutes in. Watson cracks him with another leg kick. Alvey rushes him after Kong misses a head kick. Body kick this time from Watson, Alvey's rush falls short. Blocked high kick, Alvey rush again. Two minutes to go.

Watson misses a high kick, lands a low kick. Alvey connects with a lead right uppercut that drops Watson. Kong shoots in as Alvey drops punches, allowing Kong to recover and stand. Watson moves into the clinch with a hard right straight. They exit, Kong clinches again with a hard left straight. One minute to go. Standing elbow by Watson. Clinch again. Watson high kick blocked. Lead left by Watson. Kong high kick blocked. Alvey tries a flying knee, doesn't commit. Watson with a low kick and right straight. Alvey gets the plum at the bell. 10-9 Watson.

Round 2: Watson again movign forward. High kick blocked, leg kick lands. Watson flicking out kicks to the head. Alvey high kick blocked, he follows it with a good left straight. Lead straight by Kong into the clinch. One minute in. Kong separates, lands a left hook. Alvey tries to flurry. Alvey lands a left counter after eating a straight, then takes an inside low kick. Another Watson low kick. Two minutes in. Leg kick lands once again. Alvey steps in with a pair of straights, the second one lands. Watson low kick, front kick blocked. Watson clinches briefly as Alvey steps in. Alvey combo, Watson low kick. A pair of punches land for Kong as he moves into the clinch again. Standing elbowbuzzes Alvey. Alvey's wobbly and Watson tries to press the advantage. Alvey regains his footing with ninety seconds left.

Alvey has his back to the fence, Kong pops him with another elbow. Low kicks land. Watson still flicking out high kicks. This time Alvey connects when he blitzes, prompting Kong to grab him. Watson waves him on and lands a low kick. Hard lead right by Kong. Inside low kick. High kick blocked. Low kick and left straight from Kong and they clinch until the bell. 10-9 Watson.

Round 3: Watson remains on the front foot. Inside low kick connects, then one to the outside. Alvey blitzes, a couple shots land. Kong ducks a hook. Watson with a low kick and left hook. Alvey rushes him and he has Watson hurt on the cage. Watson holding on for dear life as Alvey fires heavy artillery. Watson starts throwing back. One minute in. Kong still wobbly but Alvey may have punches himself out. Watson gets to center cage and tries to muscle him to the cage. Alvey reverses and lands from the plum. Watson escapes a little under two minutes in. Alvey just misses with a knee to the head. Lead right uppercut by Alvey, then a left straight.l Kong low kick. Alvey left, Kong right. Nice 2-3 by Watson, then another low kick. Two minutes to go.

Watson pops him with a jab as Alvey advances. Alvey left straight. Quick exchange, both land power shots to the head. Watson with a lead right and he pushes Alvey to the fence, taking a few blows on the way. 2-3 by Watson connects. Alvey high kick blocked. One minute to go. Watson steps in with a lead right and presses Alvey against the cage. Alvey trying to make room with the pulm. He eats a knee before they separate. Watson high kick blocked. Alvey lead right lands. Watson shoots in as Alvey attempts a knee. Alvey stuffs it. Watson pops him with a front kick and low kick. Alvey denies another takedown and they exchange in the clinch inside until the bell. 10-9 Alvey.

Final result: Watson def. Alvey by unanimous decision


Frankie Saenz vs. Nolan Ticman

Round 1:  Inside low kick from SAenz starts things off. He tries to rush, can't connect. Ticman lands a body kick, only for Saenz to catch him and take him to the mat. Ticman quickly kicks him off and returns to his feet. One minute in. Saenz body kick Ticman overhand. Straight right by Ticman, then another counter right while Saenz lands a leg kick. Saenz avoids the counter as he moves into the clinch, but can't tie up. Ticman head kick blocked. Two minutes in. Saenz lands a hard body kick and narrowly avoids an overhand right. He clinches, Ticman separates quickly. Saenz low kick and left hook. Two minutes to go.

Saenz falls short with a pair of right hands. Next sequence connects, as does a low kick. Ticman runs in with an outside leg kick. Saenz with a leaping left hook. Ticman high kick blocked. Ticman body kick and he just avoids a flying knee near the fence. Lead right uppercut from Ticman. One minute to go. Saenz rushes in with a knee, clinches on the fence, but can't get any more out of it. Ticman slips throwing a knee to the body while retreating and Saenz goes into his open guard. Frankie passes to half guard and drops some quick GnP before the bell. 10-9 Saenz.

Round 2: Saenz body kick blocked to start the round. Ticman uppercut falls short, body kick lands. Saenz rushes into the clinch and lands a plum knee before Ticman exits. Ticman body shot. Saenz head kick blocked and hs shoots in against the cage. After a brief struggle, he lifts Ticman up and slams him down. He gets in a couple of ground shots before Ticman makes room and stands. One minute in. Ticman avoids a body kick while Saenz rushes. Ticman left hook blocked. Saenz low kick. Good lead left hook from Saenz, then a flying knee near the fence. He changes levels and forces Ticman to a knee. Two minutes in. Ticman rises, but Saenz is still on him. SAenz gets a rear waistlock and starts to land knees to the bum. Short blows by Saenz. Two minutes to go.

Saenz trying to get a hook in. Ticman denies it and manages to escape the clinch. Saenz slips on an uppercut and Ticman looks to punish him. Ticman advancing with punches. One minute to go. Ticman easily shucks a takedown attempt. Saenz steps in with a right and left, then goes to work with elbows on TIcman against the cage. Ticman falls to the mat and Saenz tries to put him away. Ticman survives and tries to keep Saenz from taking his back. Ticman ends the round kneeling against the cage. 10-9 Saenz.

Round 3: Sanez starts with a leg kick. Ticman lead uppercut is blocked. Overhand right from Saenz, flying knee just misses. Saenz pressing forward, Ticman not firing back as before. One minute in. Saenz with a lead left hook around the guard. Low kick. Saenz steps into the clinch with a blocked knee, then changes levels and takes Ticman down. Saenz gets on his back quickly and looks to have the choke locked in, only for TIcman to reverse and shoot in on him. Saenz sprawls on it and takes the back standing. Two minutes in. Ticman reverses position, but Saenz still pressing him against the cage. Saenz rocks \him with a huge right elbow; a few more land before Ticman gets his wits and blocks a knee. Saenz takes him back down, then gets his back standing when Ticman stands.Two minutes to go.

Hard left elbow by Saenz. Knee to the body. Another solid standing elbow through Ticman's guard. Saenz beating him up in the clinch. Ticman escapes with a minute to go. Saenz body kick falls short. Saenz moves into the clinch with a flying knee and takes Ticman down again. Ticman gives up his back. He manages to stand before the bell. Saenz misses with one last elbow at the bell. 10-9 Saenz.

Final result: Saenz def. Ticman by unanimous decision


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