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Despite pending knee surgery, Daniel Cormier slams apologetic Jon Jones for 'not toughing it out'

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Man up!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will require surgery to repair a torn meniscus suffered in training camp (thanks to this guy) and will be on the shelf until Jan. 2015.

From "Bones" official Facebook page:

"I'd like to apologize to all the fans who were excited for UFC 178. Earlier this week, I suffered an injury while training for the fight. I'm having surgery tomorrow and I'm focused on recovering as quickly as possible. I look forward to getting back in the gym and defending my title on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas."

That means his 205-pound title defense against Daniel Cormier will shift to UFC 182 (sorry, Gus).

"DC" was unimpressed with the champ's decision to withdraw from UFC 178 (see their replacement here) and told America's Pregame (via FOX Sports) that Jones should have tried to "tough it out" and show up for their Sept. 27 dance, as advertised.

His words:

"I said from the beginning that Jon Jones isn't afraid of anyone. But if I can go in there with a partially torn ACL, I think he should have fought; tough it up and fight. I don't know the extent of his injuries, and if it's really bad, I'll take it back. But on the surface, I heard he hurt himself. But people hear ACL, they think you're out for a year. I've been hurt, and I've been training. I wish he would have just fought. I'm saying tough it out sometimes. Sometimes you've got to go in there and tough it out and just fight."

Cormier was a short-notice replacement for Alexander Gustafsson, who also blew out his knee.

With the layoff, both fighters will have the opportunity to rest, heal up all those aches and pains, and finally settle their score. And the winner will likely move on to face "The Mauler" next spring.

Assuming they can make it that long without getting hurt.