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Alexander Gustafsson rips UFC for 'ridiculous' decision to put 'clowns' like Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier ahead of 'Mauler' rematch

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"Clowns" are supposed to make people laugh. Unfortunately "The Mauler" is still not happy.

Esther Lin/ MMA Fighting

After Alexander Gustafsson caught wind of the injury to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, one that forced a delay in his title fight against Daniel Cormier (details here), Gustafsson called to get his rematch against Jones back.

After all, now that he has taken care of the knee issue which bounced him from his title fight against "Bones," which was supposed to go down at UFC 178 on Sept. 27, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's only right that he gets his chance to avenge his loss to Jones, seeing as how both men should be back to full health around the same time.

Not so fast, says Lorenzo Fertitta.

The UFC head honcho assured Cormier that he would not be replaced by Gus and his re-scheduled fight against Jones, which is set for Jan. 3, 2015 at UFC 182 in Las Vegas, Nevada, is still a go.

Posting via his Instagram account, Gustafsson blasted UFC officials for the decision to allow a couple of "clowns" to go at it in a title fight based on their brawl (video), instead of staging the "fight of the century."

Check it out:

"Apparently @ufc thinks that acting like clowns on a press conference will hype a fight more than doing the fight of the century, that's ridiculous."

After all the hurdles and waiting around he had to do in order to get his rematch against "Bones," it's kind of hard not to side with "The Mauler" on this one. Then again, from UFC's standpoint, flip-flopping opponents and fights around isn't exactly the smartest thing to do, business wise.

Then there's this.

In the end, this situation isn't easy for either party involved, Cormier, Jones, and UFC included. But one can't deny that Gustafsson is getting the short end of the stick, even if it's not intentional.

How about it Maniacs, does the recent brawl and non-stop trash talk between Jones and Cormier overshadow what could be an epic rematch between Jones and Gustafsson?

Because if I remember correctly, that's all anyone was talking about not too long ago.