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Dog the Bounty Hunter goes after Christy Mack abuser, 'War Machine:' 'Turn yourself in or I'm coming to get you!"

Coming soon, to a cable channel near you...

Wikimedia Commons

Television reality show star and professional skip tracer, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," is going to make sure mangled porn star Christy Mack gets to see her alleged attacker brought to justice.

Either that, or he wants a piece of her $10,000 reward.

"Dog" -- real name Duane Chapman -- put War Machine on blast late last night after the ex-Bellator fighter went AWOL, likely due to the fact that he has no less than seven arrest warrants pending for his involvement in last Friday's (Aug. 8, 2014) assault.

One that left Mack with broken ribs, teeth, and nose (see the disturbing pics here).

Perhaps this could end up in season three of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, depending on how serious Chapman is about his pursuit.

War Machine is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, and has been afraid to come forward in fear of not getting a fair shake from police. Formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver -- who rose to fame on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season six (a UFC joint), the embattled "Machine" has already done time in Nevada (because of this).

As of Tuesday morning, he remains at large. For how long, is anyone's guess.