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Seven arrest warrants issued for War Machine in Las Vegas in connection with Christy Mack assault

"War Machine" now has all the motivation he needs to run, run and run some more to avoid facing some serious music.

As "War Machine" decides "what to do" about his latest alleged domestic violence situation, law enforcement officials in Las Vegas, Nevada, have issued several warrants for his arrest.

The laundry list includes (via

  • 1 count battery resulting in substantial bodily harm
  • 1 count battery by strangulation
  • 2 counts battery with substantial bodily harm
  • 1 count open and gross lewdness
  • 1 count assault with deadly weapon
  • 1 count coercion/threat with force

According to his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 6 alum entered her home unannounced in the wee hours last Friday night (Aug. 8, 2014) and proceeded to beat an unknown gentleman who was sleeping at the time of his illegal entry. Once "War Machine" was through with beating the unarmed man, he turned his aggressive attention on Mack.

And the results -- 18 broken facial bones, ribs, nose and more -- were downright disgusting (see graphic pics here).

"War Machine" -- who is now believed to be on the lam somewhere in and around the San Diego, Calif., area -- has attempted to share his side of the violent story in spurts on, claiming he was in town on a surprise marriage proposal mission and ended up "fighting for his life."

Regardless of what went really went down, one thing is certain: Mack is the one who was/is fighting for her life, while "War Machine" is attempting to play the victim card on social media. And while he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, it's hard to imagine Mack would end up so terribly damaged after a mere misunderstanding.

Mack and Co. have ponied up a $10,000 reward for a tip that leads to the arrest of "War Machine." That might be a tall order, however, considering "War Machine" has already lost two years of his life behind bars thanks to his violent behavior and has often preached his "fuck the system" philosophy online.

He's now facing a whole lot more.

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