DirtyBird2's Weekly Prospect Breakdown

Due to the request of members of this site I am doing a weekly prospect breakdown. Last week I did top 170lb prospect Walter Gahadza(

This week I will be focusing on a Division with a constant influx of Talent LHW. Outside of Cheick Kongo most people don't know French MMA fighters. Well here is the next big thing to come out of France!

10-0 LHW Zoumana Cisse. Part of the reason for him not being picked up might be for the slightly differing rulesets from MMA there, but I expect him to make the leap very soon.

Zoumana Cisse although with a good record is still very raw. He comes from a primarily striking background he has tendency to just wing shots and hope something connects. 5 (t)ko victories 4 subs(mainly by kimura) and 1 decision to his record he is a finisher. There is not many highlights for him so I will be lacking on that department today, but with the state of the LHW division and the need for Talent and lack of French fighters He's a lock to be signed very soon!

Here are some highlights

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