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Urijah Faber: Duane Ludwig still a part of Team Alpha Male, but rift 'had a lot to do with money'

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You can have Duane Ludwig in your corner, or Benjamin Franklin, but apparently not both.

"I've seen the guy for the last year and a half everyday, he never left. We interact all the time. People wondered a bunch about that. It really comes down to the way I was treated by him. It had a lot to do with money and the idea of things that in my mind weren't true, he kinda conjured up in his own mind. I don't really like to be be in contact with people that rub me the wrong way and that's kinda what happened."

Neil Sedaka was right, breaking up is hard to do. While Duane Ludwig was originally expected to depart Team Alpha Male earlier this year to start his own facility in Colorado, team captain Urijah Faber revealed that "Bang" is still, in fact, doing work every day in Sacramento, Calif., cornering guys like TJ Dillashaw (UFC 173) and Chad Mendes (UFC 176). Ludwig won't, however, be standing behind "The California Kid," despite daily interactions, because the retired striker rubs Faber the wrong way. Money has a way of doing that to folks, but I'm sure there are two sides (or more) to every story, including this one. Can't we all just get along?