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UFC on FOX 12 live results stream

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to FOX network this Saturday night (July 26, 2014) with UFC on FOX 12: "Lawler vs. Brown" from SAP Center in San Jose, California. Get complete, official results, live updates and real-time coverage starting at 4 p.m. ET TONIGHT below.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back on FOX network TONIGHT (Sat., July 26, 2014) with a middleweight main event between top-ranked division contenders "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler and Matt "The Immortal" Brown in an epic 185-pound bangfest for the ages.

The UFC on FOX 12 action, which will take place inside SAP Center in San Jose, California, will begin at 4 p.m. ET with a four-fight "Prelims" broadcast that will stream online via Fight Pass digital network before transitioning to the second half of the "Prelims" at 6 p.m. ET, which airs live on FOX (not FOX Sports 1).

The remaining four fights representing the FOX main card will get underway promptly at 8 p.m. ET with the electric lightweight contest pitting former division champion and San Jose favorite Josh Thomson against streaking Strikeforce import Bobby Green.

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC on FOX 12 fight card BELOW, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX-televised prelims and main card action at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, respectively.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the streaming warfare to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 12) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Lawler vs. Brown."

See below for the upcoming UFC on FOX 12 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Alex Giardini on board. Spend your Saturday with me.


Robbie Lawler def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (49-46x2, 48-47)
Anthony Johnson def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira via TKO (strikes) at 0:44 of R1
Dennis Bermudez def. Clay Guida via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:57 of R2
Bobby Green def. Josh Thomson via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
Jorge Masvidal def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 29-27)
Tim Means def. Hernani Perpetuo via unanimous decision (29-28x3)
Patrick Cummins def. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-24)
Brian Ortega def. Mike de la Torre via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:39 of R1
Tiago dos Santos def. Akbarh Arreola via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)
Noad Lahat def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (29-28x3)
Gilbert Burns def. Andreas Stahl via unanimous decision (29-28x3)
Joanna Jędrzejczyk def. Juliana Lima via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)


Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown

Round 1: Here we go. Southpaw Lawler, Brown orthodox. Lawler lands a combo right off the bat. Lawler with a right hand, and he stuffs a takedown attempt. Head kick blocked for Brown. Lawler tags Brown again. Lawler tags Brown again with a counter right. Lawler with a right hand. Brown misses a leg kick, and get hit with a right again. Brown with a body shot. Brown lands a left, followed by a right hand that staggers Lawler. Lawler tags him with a left hand. Brown with a good combo, and lands an elbow in the clinch. Brown with a takedown, tripping Lawler on the mat. Brown has a hold of Robbie's head. Brown could go for a d'arce. Lawler is back up to his feet, with Brown's back against the cage. Left hook in the clinch for Lawler. Brown trying to use knees to break free. Brown with elbows in the clinch. Brown with another knee, and an elbow. Robbie breaks free, and lands a big punch. Lawler breaks free, and lands an uppercut. Brown misses a right hand, and Lawler decks him with a kick to the body. Brown throws a spinning back fist and almost gets drilled with a right hand. Brown is leaning down to avoid counters when he throws, but he's there to get tagged repeatedly.

Round 2: Brown using leg kicks to open the round, and he avoids an uppercut from Lawler. Brown comes forward and fails to land. Brown goes high with a kick, and it misses. Brown throws a left, and has a leg kick checked. Lawler looking to nail Brown with counter shots. Some mitt touching here. Brown goes to the body with a kick. Lawler a little slower now. Another spinning backfist attempt from Brown. Brown gets the takedown, but Robbie is back up. Brown has Lawler around the waist. Lawler with a left hand. Left hook again for lawler. Right cross from Brown. Inside leg kick from Brown. Brown misses with a left. Lawler with a straight left. Spinning back kick to the body from Brown, and an inside leg kick. He drills Lawler with a combination, and tries his luck at an elbow. Brown with a straight right, and he lands some elbows in the clinch before Lawler gets away. Spinning elbow attempt by Brown. Head kick misses for Brown, but he gets a big kick to the body in. Lawler hitting Brown, but with nothing that damaging. Kick to the body from Lawler. Brown tries the same but can't fully connect.

Round 3: Head kick attempt by Brown, and he shoots in. He drives Lawler toward the fence, who is on his knees. Elbows from Lawler in the clinch, and it cuts Brown. Counter right hand from Lawler on the break, and Lawler drills him with a left kick to the body. Kick again from Lawler. Head kick attempt from Lawler. Nice right from Brown. Short right hook lands for Lawler. Brown misses with a left, and Robbie tries to counter with an uppercut. Brown goes to the body. Lawler drills him to the groin. They separate, and replay shows it wasn't low at all. Brown goes to the body, and Lawler lands another kick to the body shortly after. Brown gets a left hook blocked, and he kicks Lawler to the body with a good one. Lawler attempts a front kick. Brown catches Robbie's kick but can't capitalize. Kick to the thigh from Brown. Head kick from Lawler, and he gets Brown with a right. Brown gets a head kick blocked.

Round 4: Robbie lands a right hand, and he catches Brown's kick and puts him on his back. Lawler in side control. Lawler in full guard trying to pass over. Lawler in half guard, and Brown has his head trapped. He lets go. Brown trying to get the cage to his back. Lawler brings Brown back down again after Brown got back to his feet. Lawler controlling the hips, and Brown is back up. Lawler with a right hand. Uppercut from Lawler, and Brown lands a leg kick. Brown working the single leg, and it gets stuffed. Elbow from Brown, but he eats a right hook. Straight left from Brown. Right hand from Brown, and Lawler gets him to the body with another kick. Brown can't connect, and Lawler is there to counter.

Round 5: They're slugging it out in the fifth. Kick to the body by Brown, and Lawler gets a good right hand in. Elbow from Brown. Lawler connects with a right. Another elbow from Brown. They're going after it. Combo from Lawler, who closes the distance and pushes Brown towards the fence. Lawler with an elbow. Left straight from Lawler. Combo lands for Brown, who lands another right hand afterwards. Brown with a kick to the body. Brown attacking, and Lawler goes to the body. Left hook from Lawler, and he nails Brown with a head kick. Elbow from Brown, and he comes on strong with punches. Lawler backs up, and Brown gets him to the body. Brown may have hurt his right hand. Lawler gets him with a right, and a kick to the body. Lawler has him against the fence. Straight left from Lawler. Elbow from Brown. Kick to the body from Brown, followed by a straight right hand. It hurt Brown. Spinnign backfist attempt from Lawler. Lawler with a head kick that misses. Uppercut from Lawler. Kick to the body from Lawler. Brown gets hit after trying a spinning back fist. Brown gets hit with a kick to the body, and he clinches Lawler, who escapes. Brown gets hit with an uppercut. Brown shoots but gets stuffed, and eats a head kick that puts him on his back. Brown gets up, and they throw some more until the bell.

Final result: Robbie Lawler def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (49-46x2, 48-47)


Anthony Johnson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Round 1: Nog out southpaw, AJ orthodox. They both miss with rights. AJ tags Nog, and backs him up. AJ pouncing on Nog, who is covering up against the cage. AJ with lefts and rights, and massive uppercuts and it's over. Are you kidding me? Good-night.

Final result: Anthony Johnson def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira via TKO (strikes) at 0:44 of R1


Clay Guida vs. Dennis Bermudez

Round 1: Both out orthodox. They exchange kicks, and the punches are coming in bunches. Body kick for Bermudez. Big right hook from Guida. Bermudez lands a jab, and then a leg kick. Guida looking for the single leg, and Bermudez escapes. Bermudez comes forward, and Guida ties him up against the cage. Bermudez working a front headlock, and pits Guida against the cage. Knee by Bermudez, followed by a counter right hand. Guida shoots, and gets stuffed. Head kick by Bermudez. Clay comes forward and misses his shots. Right hand from Bermudez, and he blazes forward. Guida gets Bermudez's back as the latter pushes forward but Bermudez escapes. Guida is back on his feet from a bad position, and Bermudez gets him with a right hand. Bermudez pushes forward, and lands a hard knee. Big knees from Bermudez with Guida against the cage, and takes Guida's back as the latter sneaks down. Bermudez looking for a rear naked choke, with his arm across Guida's face. Bermudez has the body triangle, and Guida trying to keep his head away with some pretty funny backward punches.

Round 2: Bermudez goes low with a kick. Bermudez pushing ahead, and Guida lands a right hand. Guida trying to get his foe down, but Bermudez escapes the attempt. Big right lands for Guida. Bermudez working the jab, and closes his combinations by landing a leg kick. Bermudez misses a string of uppercuts. Guida with a right hand. Jab from Bermudez, and he backs Guida up with a right. Bermudez with a left hook, followed by a knee. Another right lands for Bermudez. Guida missing his jabs, and Bermudez lands another right hand. Guida lands a superman punch, but Bermudez takes him down and takes the back right away. Bermudez has an arm underneath, and secures the rear naked. Guida taps. How is Bermudez not ranked in the top 10, again?

Final result: Dennis Bermudez def. Clay Guida via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:57 of R2


Josh Thomson vs. Bobby Green

Round 1: Both are out orthodox. Hard kick from Thomson, followed by a few more. Green returns the favor. Green goes to the body. Green nails him with a right hand, and Thomson slips after a kick. More leg strikes from Green. Kick to the body from Green, followed by some jabs from Green. A left hook barely lands for Thomson. Kick up the middle misses for Green, and Thomson tees off on him. Green lands a jab. Green's hands are quite low. Green comes forward, and both fighters miss their punches. Head kick just grazes for Thomson. Green talking a lot. Big poke to the eye, and Thomson goes down on his knees. They hug it out. More kicks from Thomson, and some get checked. Not a lot of punches landing in this kickboxing affair. Kick to the body from Green, and Thomson misses his combination. They clinch and separate, with Thomson landing a right hand. Uppercut misses by Green, despite controlling the center of the cage. More kicks by Green while trying to move forward. Green is speedy, and he avoids a right hand.

Round 2: Thomson lands a few punches, and decks Green with a head kick. It doesn't land flush, and Green lets him know. They exchange in a flurry, and Thomson is landing shots. Thomson goes high with the kick once more, and Thomson lands a hard kick to the body. Green lands a body kick, followed by a punch to the gut. Nice right hand by Thomson, and he lands another in a combination. Thomson stays out Green's range, which forces the latter to miss his shots. These two are having convos and it's awesome. Thomson gets clipped with a right. Green hits him again, and misses a big uppercut. Thomson with a kick to the body. Punch to the body from Green. Thomson tries to tie him up, but fails. Jab from Green. Flurry lands for Thomson, including two right hands. Thomson gets the trip, and Green is back up right away. Left hook to the body from Thomson. Green chases him down towards the cage to end it.

Round 3: Green with some Bruce Lee shit to open the round. Right hand misses for Green, but he catches Josh with a left hook to the body. Spinning back fist misses for Thomson. Green goes for the takedown with Thomson against the fence, and opts to stand high and clinch. Good right hand from Green, followed by a knee to the body. Green backing Thomson up, and partially lands a flying knee, but Thomson catches his legs and aims for the takedown. Green turns him right around and they're back to the center. Leg kick from Green. Kick to the body from Green. Right hand from Green. They both land in a combination, with power shots landing. It's anyone's fight. Green gets a takedown but Josh is right back up to his feet to land hammerfists. Thomson's right eye is leaking. Jab from Green. Thomson connects with a right. Thomson catches Green's leg and pushes him back. Thomson misses with a right. They're both switching stances, and Thomson lands a right hand. Jabs from Green, while he takes a kick to the body. Green trying to chase him down, and Thomson misses a spinning head kick. They trade for the last three seconds.

Final result: Bobby Green def. Josh Thomson via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)


Daron Cruickshank vs. Jorge Masvidal

Round 1: Both are out orthodox. Leg kick caught from Cruickshank, who goes high with a kick right away. Cruickshank goes to the body. Masvidal aims for the leg, and then the body. Cruickshank drops Masvidal with a big, big right hand. Masvidal back up with a smile. Wheel kick misses for Cruickshank. Kick to the body from Cruickshank. Jab from Masvidal. Left lands for Masvidal, and he catches a kick from Cruickshank. Masvidal lands a couple of knees to the body by controlling Cruickshank's neck. Cruickshank breaks free, and lands some kicks to Masvidal's legs. Good kick from Masvidal, followed by a right hand. Good kicks from Cruickshank, and Masvidal gets him with one, too. Cruickshank misses a spinning back fist. Masvidal stuffs a takedown, and Cruickshank gets a spinning kick to the body. Takedown by Masvidal.

Round 2: Cruickshank's left eye is messy. Masvidal with a kick to the body. Cruickshank scores the takedown, and with Masvidal up, Cruickshank keeps on his back. Masvidal rolls, and with Cruickshank stuck to him, reverses positioning so that he ends up on top. Beautiful. Masvidal trying to work on the ground, postures up, and has to avoid the upkicks. Masvidal traps Cruickshank in a d'arce, and it looks deep. Masvidal lets go, and laces him with a hard elbow. Elbows from guard for Masvidal. Masvidal staying dominant. Elbows from the top for Masvidal. He controls Cruickshank until the end of the round.

Round 3: Leg kick from Cruickshank. Masvidal defending well on the feet. Masvidal tags him with a left. Cruickshank coming forward, and gets a body kick in, followed by a left hook. Masvidal goes for the takedown, driving Cruickshank to the cage. Masvidal behind him, kneeing his thighs. Cruickshank rolls, but ends up in a d'arce. Masvidal transitions to the hips, and Cruickshank tries to get up. Punches from Masvidal, and Cruickshank tries his luck at a kimura. Cruickshank explodes and takes Masvidal down. Cruickshank is high on the back, and Masvidal ducks under to end up in his guard. Masvidal in half guard, looking for an arm triangle. Cruickshank gets his arm back, and Masvidal working from guard. Cruickshank trying to get up, but Masvidal sticking like glue.

Final result: Jorge Masvidal def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 29-27)


Hermani Perpetuo vs. Tim Means

Round 1: Means out southpaw, Perpetuo out orthodox. Perp comes out guns blazing, swinging furiously and hits Means with a good right. Means takes him down, but Perp is back up. Perp with a kick to the body. Perp clocks him with a combo, including a powerful left hook. Perp attacks the legs, and Means gets a good body shot in. Means blocks a few punches and Perp aims for the head. Means gets a takedown stuffed. Left hook lands in a combo, and Means returns the favor with some big elbows. Perp asks for more. Perp barely misses with a wheel kick. Elbow once again from Means, who just misses with a high kick. Means lands a left hook. Leg kick for Means, and he misses a flying knee. Perp comes forward, and lands a hook. Kick to the body from Perp. Perp gets poked, and Herb Dean calls a halt to the action. Leg kick from Means, and Perp calls for a head butt. Dean ignores it, and lands a kick to the body. Perp lands an uppercut, and Means works the takedown. Left hook for Perp. Spinning elbow misses from Means.

Round 2: Leg kicks land for Means. Perp misses a high kick, and they come together. Perp comes forward and tries to land aggressive strikes, but he's just doing the same thing over and over again. Kick to the body for Means. Perp goes to the body, and follows up with a right punch. Kick to the body from Means again. Means flirting with kicks from all sorts of angles. He's going to the body more often than not, and blocks Perp's punches. Means gets a solid right hand in. Means staggers him with a left hand, and misses a flying knee. Perp is rocked, but Means doesn't pounce on his just yet. Nice combinations from Means, using some good boxing. A string of jabs land for Means, and Perp gets a good kick to the body in. Perp trying to come on strong, but he's wasting a lot of his punches.

Round 3: Perp with a good kick to the legs. Means with a jab. Perp loads up, but can't connect. Front kick just misses for Means. Leg kick for Perp lands. Means tries his luck at spinning kick. Perp is backing up now. He's staying away from Means' strikes, but he isn't biting back. Big left kick from Perp, and Means lands another jab. Means landing a lot of shots without too much power behind them, but they're definitely breaking down Perp. More leg kicks from Perp, and he hasn't landed a solid shot in quite a while. Head kick blocked by Perp. Rogan is saying Perp could have a broken left hand. Kick to the body from Perp. Short rights are landing for Means. Perp asking Means to come forward, and he gets cracked by a combo. Funny. Perp's hand could be done, since he's fighting with one arm. Right hand lands for Perp, and Means just misses with a flying knee. Means shoots to end the fight.

Final result: Tim Means def. Hernani Perpetuo via unanimous decision (29-28x3)


Kyle Kingsbury vs. Patrick Cummins

Round 1: Both are out orthodox. Cummins with a short punch right off the bat. Cummins grabs a hold of the leg, and takes him down by dragging Kingsbury. Cummins in side control, and lands an elbow. Kingsbury back on his feet, and turns Cummins towards the fence. Knees to the body for Kings, but Cummins takes him down again and gets on top in half guard. Kingsbury works his way up, but Cummins has a choke. He drops him down again. Kings back up, and Cummins has a hold of his head. They break free, and Kingsbury gets a leg kick in. Cummins drags him towards the fence. Kingsbury misses an uppercut. Inside leg kick trips Cummins, and the latter lands a right. Cummins gets another takedown, right into side control. Cummins looking for the d'Arce. He flattens Kingsbury out, and makes his way to his feet. Cummins smothering right now, and lands some elbows. More hard elbows from Cummins, and Kingsbury makes his way to his feet in a headlock. He breaks free, and the round ends.

Round 2: Jab lands for Kingsbury, and he gets tagged by a right. Kick to the body from Cummins, who gets caught by some inside leg kicks. Cummins drives through Kingsbury, who is on his back again. Kingsbury gets back up, and Cummins shoots again. It gets stuffed, and Cummins drives through him again and gets the takedown. Headlock again for Cummins with Kingsbury trying to post up. Right lands for Cummins on the break. Inside kick from Cummins, followed by a right. Uppercut misses for Kingsbury. Cummins goes for a single leg, but gets stuffed. Cummins changes levels and gets the scoop slam. Cummins posts up and works the ground-and-pound from full mount, into half guard. Punches to the body from Cummins. Cummins is wearing him down, and Kingsbury can't get up.

Round 3: Kingsbury catches Cummins with a knee, and Cummins lands a head kick seconds later. Uppercut lands for Cummins, and he storms through Kings again. Cummins in half guard, and he's landing elbows. Kingsbury gets up, but Cummins hangs on his neck. They get back to the center, and Kingsbury works the leg kicks. Cummins misses a big right hand, but takes down his opponent once again. Back on their feet, Kingsbury doesn't have too much left in the tank. Another drive from Cummins. Cummins in side control, and starts to unload. That lasts about a second, and he looks for the anaconda choke as Kingsbury makes his way to his feet. Cummins not too committed, and lands a few knees to the body.

Final result: Patrick Cummins def. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-24)


Mike de la Torre vs. Brian Ortega

Round 1: Both are out orthodox. De La Torre lands early to the body. Ortega ties him up, and brings him towards the fence. De La Torre with some elbows, and Ortega has his back. He brings him down, and gets the hooks in. De La Torre back on his feet, and he moves his foe's left arm out of the way. Ortega has the full body triangle, and Ortega has his arm underneath the chin. De La Torre looks almost out on his feet, and "Big" John walks in to stop it. Prospect watch on lock.

Final result: Brian Ortega def. Mike de la Torre via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:39 of R1


Akbarh Arreola vs. Tiago dos Santos

Round 1: Arreola out southpaw, dos Santos orthodox. Dos Santos with a switch kick to open things off. Dos Santos lands a left hook, and Arreola barely misses with a high kick. Dos Santos goes down after a leg kick. Arreola ties him up, and they're back trading in the center. Dos Santos steps forward with a right, and Arreola slips after throwing a right. Dos Santos connects with another, and no clean strikes are landing. Dos Santos pressing forward, and barely lands a head kick. Arreola with a body kick, and dos Santos gets a right hand in. Right hand lands for dos Santos. Arreola having trouble landing his strikes clean. Arreola misses with a high kick. Arreola gets hit with a right land, and dos Santos ties him up against the fence. Nice takedown by Arreola, as he trips Tiago down.

Round 2: Body kick lands for Tiago. Arreola goes high, and misses. Dos Santos catches his leg, but he can't get him down. Big kick from Tiago gets Arreola on his back. Tiago is trying to elbow his knee. Interesting. Arreola looking to clock him with upkicks. Arreola gets back up, and lands a body kick. Body kick from Tiago. Arreola trips Tiago with a kick. Arreola goes high with another kick and misses. Right hand lands for Tiago. Spinning kick misses for Tiago. Arreola misses a spinning kick. Shot to the body from Tiago. Arreola with a jab, and he gets clocked by a right hand. Kick to the body from Arreola, and he cracks Tiago with a right hand. Tiago looking for a takedown, and let go. Tiago throws a kick and falls, with Arreola joining him on the mat. Tiago looks for an armbar and Arreola gets up right away. They come together trading, and Arreola lands a kick to the body.

Round 3: Arreola finding more success in the standup, and laces dos Santos with more kicks to the body. Uppercut lands for Tiago, and he pushes Arreola towards the cage. They break, and Tiago lands some good right hands. Arreola tiring, and Tiago has him against the cage. Arreola controlling his foe's wrists, and Tiago breaks away. Kick to the body from Arreola. Arreola gets a good right hand in during a flurry, and Tiago brings Arreola towards the fence again. Uppercut for Tiago, and he lands a few elbows. Knees to the body from Tiago, and he continues with knees to the body. Tiago ties him up by the back, and lets him go to land more strikes. More punches from Tiago in the clinch.

Final result: Tiago dos Santos def. Akbarh Arreola via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)


Steven Siler vs. Noad Lahat

Round 1: They touch em up. Both are out orthodox. Siler lands a low kick. Nice knee from Lahat, and he hits Siler with a kick. Lahat storms through and gets a takedown. Siler closes guard after an armbar attempt. Siler working the rubber guard now, controlling Lahat's posture. Lahat stiffens up, and ref Jason Herzog stands them up. Leg kick from Lahat after a jab from Siler. Big right hand from Lahat. They come together but nobody lands anything significant. Good combo from Lahat. Jab from Siler, and he's defending a takedown from Lahat. Up against the cage, Siler gets thrown on the mat. Siler wall-walks by using the fence, but Lahat is still pressing. Knee by Siler on the break, and Lahat misses a right hand. Hard jab from Siler. Big uppercut from Siler, being his best strike thus far. Lahat ties him up again, and tosses him with a Judo throw.

Round 2: Left hook from Siler, as Lahat swings for the fences with a right. Siler backing up Lahat, until the latter comes forward and misses his punches. Leg kick from Lahat, and Siler hurts him with an uppercut. Lahat goes down for a split second and is back up. Lahat punts Siler, and gets him with a big right hand. A leg kick hurts Lahat, who backs up. He maintains composure, and decks Siler with an uppercut, followed by a right. Nice punch from Siler. Siler with another short right hand. Left hook lands for Lahat, and tries to tie him up. Siler stays away, and lands a left hook. Nice right hand from Siler, followed by a good one-two. Lahat gets a takedown stuffed. Spinning back kick misses for Lahat, and Siler makes him pay for it with a couple of right hands. Lahat with a takedown, and Siler tries to take the right arm. Lahat quickly takes his back, and tries to separate the arm. Lahat transitions into a triangle, and elbows Siler's cranium. Lahat trying to attack the arm, and he abandons it to attack with strikes.

Round 3: Body shot from Lahat. Lahat with a big right hand, and Siler returns the favor. Lahat shoots, and Siler defends. Siler takes his back, and Lahat is trying to punch his way out of it while Siler tries to hold the position. They're close to the cage, and Siler isn't letting go off Lahat's back. Body triangle still locked in. Siler trying to turn over, but Lahat is holding the space. Siler decides to let him up, while holding onto his back and delivering knees. Back in the center, they exchange jabs. Lahat gets tagged by a right hand. Siler with a solid jab. Lahat attempts a spinning kick, and Siler gets hit with a right. Lahat attempting kicks, and he gets wobbled by a combo from Siler. Leg kick lands from Siler, who's been working an excellent jab. Flying knee to the cup from Lahat, and the action stops for a few seconds. Lahat shoots for a takedown, and Siler avoids it. Siler turning it on, and gets a left hook in. He pushes through Lahat, takes his back, and flattens him out to end the fight.

Final result: Noad Lahat def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (29-28x3)


Andreas Stahl vs. Gilbert Burns

Round 1: Both come out orthodox. Right lands for Burns, followed by a leg kick. Stahl comes blazing forward, and Burns has him up against the cage after both come together in the clinch. Burns working a single leg, and Stahl reverses the positioning. Burns flips him, and they're in a grueling battle against the cage. They break free and Stahl gets an uppercut in. Stahl gets a right in. There's blood flowing down Burns' right eye. Burns and Stahl in the clinch, and both men are connecting. Burns moves away, and Stahl gets him with a kick. Stahl gets a right hand in, and moves Burns against the cage. Uppercut from Burns, and he goes for the takedown. Stahl scrambles, and they're back on their feet. Stahl's nose looks busted. They're clinched against the fence, and Burns connects on the break.

Round 2: Stahl moves forward with some punches. Burns connects with a right. Stahl gets a combo blocked, but lands a kick to the body. Front kick misses for Stahl. They exchange blows, with a good right hand getting in by Gilbert. Body shots for Burns. Stahl has Burns against the fence. Short knees from Burns, and Stahl moves away. Big right misses for Stahl. Left hook from Stahl, followed by a right hand. They tie up once again. Spinning back fist connects for Stahl, but Burns blocked most of it. Burns presses forward with a barrage of punches that miss. Burns gets a high kick in, and Burns gets the takedown. He's in side control. Stahl is back up, and he takes a few punches from Burns. Spinning back kick from Burns right before the horn.

Round 3: Burns coming on strong, and gets a few body shots in. Stahl's nose is leaking. Burns has Stahl against the fence, and breaks free. Burns lands a right hand, and Stahl lands one while looking to take him down. Burns with a left, and Stahl lands a kick to the body. Stahl initiates the clinch, and they separate. Burns threatening with punches, and Stahl gets an uppercut in. Kick to the ribs from Stahl, and Burns attacks with a flying knee that misses. He has Stahl against the cage, and lands a spinning elbow on the break. Leg kick from Stahl. Stahl comes forward, and he gets locked up in the clinch again. Gilbert lands a knee, followed by a right hand on the break. They trade a few more punches in the center.

Final result:


Juliana Lima vs. Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Round 1: Both are out orthodox. They come together in a flurry. Lima with a leg kick, and she shoots for a takedown. Joanna is against the fence, sprawling nicely. Underhook from Joanna, and Lima still trying to power her way through. Knees to the thigh by Lima. Lima has her hands together, and takes her down. Joanna is back on her feet in no time. They get separate after more work against the fence. Joanna lands a big right hand. Joanna misses a right, but lands the left hook. Lima tries to get a takedown from distance, and they're back against the cage. Lima using short knees, but Joanna doing a good job of staying upright. Joey Beltran separates them again. Body shot from Joanna. Kick to the body from Lima, and Joanna misses with a right. Lima lands a jab as they come together. Lima gets a leg kick in, but Joanna lands with a right. They exchange right hands and come together before the round closes.

Round 2: Leg kick from Lima, and Joanna lands. Joanna gets a right blocked. Lima goes up the middle with a front kick but misses. Inside leg kick from Lima, and Joanna coming on strong with combination attempts. Body shot misses for Joanna. Left hook lands for Lima. Combo lands for Joanna, and a knee to the body. Body shot from Joanna, who keeps switching stances. Joanna lands a big right, followed by one to the body. Lima can't find range. Joanna with an over-the-top right. Jab from Joanna, while Lima gets one in, too. Lima shoots, but Joanna stays up and they're against the cage. Elbows from Lima, but Joanna lands some knees. Beltran breaks ‘em up, and Joanna lands more jabs. Combinations are landing for Joanna, and Lima is back peddling. Joanna with a front kick, followed by some more knees.

Round 3: Lima a little lighter on her feet. Joanna establishes the jab immediately. Overhead right hand for Joanna, and Lima left a straight left in. Joanna connects with a right, followed by hook to the body. Joanna with another right hand, and Lima can't tie her up in the clinch. Lima misses a head kick. Lima attacking the legs, and Joanna lands a left hook and a right hand to the body. Joanna goes to the legs, and Lima gets a good right hand in. Joanna chasing Lima, who is circling. Joanna landing a plethora of one-two's, and Lima gets a big takedown in. She's in side control, and moves to half guard. Lima gets some punches in, and Joanna is trying to turn to her side. Lima trying to work a guillotine, but Joanna gets back up. Lima bringing her towards the cage. Lima going for the hips, but the horn sounds.

Final result: Joanna Jędrzejczyk def. Juliana Lima via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)


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