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UFC Dublin wins by Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson present rankings conundrum

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Do we rank based on merit, or momentum?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson were both victorious in the main and co main event of UFC Fight Night 46, which streamed live via Fight Pass earlier today (July 19, 2014) inside O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland (full results here).

In the grand scheme of things, their respective wins don't mean a whole lot.

But they felt big.

Probably because the Dublin crowd was screaming praise from start to finish, giving the overseas event a buzz that is sorely lacking in stateside shows. In addition, both McGregor and Nelson are a couple of fresh faces, not yet tarnished by high-profile losses.

They make their divisions exciting again.

Knowing that, makes it hard to resist the urge to rocket them up the rankings come Monday morning. I'd love to see "Notorious" challenge top featherweight sluggers Dustin Poirier, or even Cub Swanson, two 145-pound contenders perched atop the list of contenders (see the rankings here).

But does he deserve it?

On excitement, yes. On experience? No. McGregor is now 3-0 inside the Octagon (15-2 overall), but has yet to secure a victory over a top 15 fighter. All we know is that he looks great inside the cage, performs well, and has a knack for recycling cans.

Same goes for "Gunni," now 4-0 under the UFC umbrella (13-0 overall) against fighters you probably wouldn't recognize on the street.

As we've already learned in mixed martial arts (MMA), wins and losses don't hold the same value as fan enthusiasm, and the promotion would rather strike while the iron is hot than slow play its hand. Works great in the short term, but often leaves the division empty down the road.

Which is why we run into so many rematches and/or do-overs.

UFC Fight Night 46 lived up to its billing by showcasing a couple of top prospects performing admirably in front of a red-hot crowd. As far as Fight Pass subscribers go, it's called getting bang for your buck. But that doesn't mean we should try to parlay a small return into a big payoff.

McGregor is 26 years old. Nelson is 25.

What's the rush?

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