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Conor McGregor vs. Diego Brandao results live blog, UFC Fight Night 46: Round 1

The crowd was insanely hot at the start.

Brandao landed a head kick early. He went back to kicking high while McGregor threw some spinning stuff. The first takedown attempt came about 30 seconds in, with the Brazilian ducking under but failing to complete it.

Conor reversed Diego against the fence and the action slowed down while the crowd got the chance to catch its breath. Once they did, they started a "CONOR" chant.

He responded with a takedown.

Once there, he failed to capitalize on it. Instead, Brandao chased a leg to snag a submission, landing a few hard upkicks as McGregor stood up. Nothing going either way.

Conor stayed on top and maneuvered his way around with his foe against the fence. Finally, Diego got back to his feet and he ate a hard punch for his efforts. From there, he teed off. Brandao was throwing bombs, head hunting in a big way.

He looked close to landing too, but almost seemed to come up just shy.

McGregor pushed him against the fence and unleashed a volley of punches and eventually, Brandao wilted. After a series of shots the Brazilian only defended by covering up, the referee stepped in to stop it.


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