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Darce Side Radio podcast featuring UFC founder and 'Is This Legal?' author Art Davie

Each week, "Darce Side Radio" podcast host Michael Stets shares his mixed martial arts (MMA) opinions on the latest hot topics, event previews (and reviews), key storylines and, of course, interviews many of the best fighters and personalities in the sport today. On this episode, Stets is joined by the creator of the UFC, Art Davie.

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On Episode 38 of "Darce Side Radio" on, we will stray away from current topics and go back in time about 20 years to discuss how the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event came to fruition.

The man responsible for putting everything in motion and seeing his vision come to light is Art Davie, and his new book, co-written with Bellator play-by-play man Sean Wheelock titled "Is this Legal?" is out now on Ascend books.

Davie will come on the show to promote the new book and discuss the process of how it was made, while sharing many of his stories about the trials and tribulations he went through to create the first-ever UFC event. He will also discuss his thoughts on the sport now that 20 years have passed, and share a few topics that weren't included in the book including: Vitor Belfort being a diva and Don Frye and Randy Couture being his favorite fighters to deal with.

The audio player is embedded below (just click play).

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