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Dana White: If Ronda Rousey was a man, the media would rank her No. 1 pound-for-pound in the world

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But despite what Floyd Mayweather thinks, she's not a man, and according to White, Rousey will never get through the media's glass ceiling.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Ronda Rousey may have moved mountains when it comes to women's mixed martial arts (MMA), but there are still some things "Rowdy" can't do, like take one of the top spots in the pound-for-pound rankings (excluding this one), according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White.

But it's not for a lack of talent.

On the contrary, the UFC's women's bantamweight champion has seemingly gotten better each fight; though she'll have a hard time topping her recent 16-second destruction of Alexis Davis at UFC 175.

According to White, the simple fact that Rousey -- as well as the rest of the women, for that matter -- are competing in a male-dominated sport is what is preventing the former Olympian from shooting up the rankings.

He broke it down on UFC's The Download.

"She's higher than number nine in the pound-for-pound. She's undefeated, she's finished every fight in devastating fashion, but it's still a man's world, man. The media is never going to put her higher up in the rankings. The media decides it, and Ronda, being a woman, has had to fight harder. If there was a guy that was on the streak that Ronda was on, he'd be the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world, like that. But because she's a woman, these guys aren't going to give her the credit she deserves."

Damn media. Oh, wait...

For now, much to the chagrin of her coach, Rousey will have to settle for the No. 9 spot, which is still one better than welterweight champion, Johny Hendricks.

As far as the rest of the women's 135-pound division, it recently got a bit more crowded as UFC finally landed the services of former pro-boxer-turned MMA fighter, Holly Holm (details).

And if the stars align perfectly, and "Tinseltown" doesn't have the final say, White and Co. may soon land another heavy-hitter in the former of former Strikeforce featherweight champion, Gina Carano. The signing of both of those talented women is something that excites a very "ecstatic" Rousey, according to White.

"She loves it. Ronda wants to fight Gina, she wants to fight Holly and whoever else is perceived as some of the best in the world."

Perhaps if Rousey defeats both Holm and Carano in the same devastating fashion as her previous nine opponents, then there will be no choice but to put her right beside the likes of Jon Jones, Jose Aldo and Cain Velasquez.