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ONE FC implements $50,000 'One Warrior Bonus' for fighters who show 'incredible warrior spirit' on fight night

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The ONE FC roster just got a little more motivation to wow fans, and more importantly, CEO Victor Cui.

Suhaimi Abdullah

Taking a page from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) playbook, Singapore-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion ONE FC will now be handing out fight night bonuses for its upcoming events.

While there won't be "Knockout of the Night" or "Fight of the Night" bonuses handed out, Victor Cui, CEO of ONE FC, announced that he will be handing out an extra $50,000 check dubbed the "One Warrior Bonus" to those fighters who impressed him the most.

Matt Hume, Vice President of Operations & Competition for ONE FC, posted this message from Cui on his Facebook page which provided a few more details.

Greetings from ONE FC,

We have exciting news to share with you. As of today, ONE FC CEO, Victor Cui announced a major game changer for all ONE FC Fighters. A $50,000 bonus opportunity! Please see details and message from Victor below:

The ONE Warrior Bonus

"For every event, I will award US$50,000 to the fighter who impresses me the most in terms of:
a) thrilling the fans with exciting action,
b) demonstrating an incredible warrior spirit,
c) exhibiting amazing skill, and
d) delivering a phenomenal finish.

For every event, the bar will be very, very high. If a few fighters impress me, then I will hand out the bonus to a few fighters. If no one impresses me, then no one will get it.

The new incentive is expected to go into effect this Friday (July 11, 2014) at the ONE FC 18: "War of Dragons" online pay-per-view (PPV) event, which goes down at National Taiwan University Sports Center in Taipei City, Taiwan (preview).

But unlike UFC's bonus structure, which is capped at four, there is no limit as to how many bonuses will be handed out on any given night.

So if seven or more fighters go above and beyond their duties inside the cage, then Cui and Co. will have to dish out plenty of extra coin come fight night. On the flip side, if no one dazzles and all of the fights turn out to be major snoozers, then the money will go right back into Victor's deep pockets.

Time to step your game up!