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Manager: Diego Sanchez, beneficiary of 'retarded' judges, not important enough to warrant response from Nate Diaz spoke with Mike Kogan to get a response regarding Diego Sanchez calling out his client, Nate Diaz, after "The Nightmare's" controversial split-decision victory over Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night 42 in Albuquerque.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), wonders never cease to exist, and when the decision was read after the co-main event between Diego Sanchez and Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night 42 last night (June 7, 2014) in "The Land of Enchantment," it was proof that the sport could unfurl yet another amazingly incredulous moment in officiating.

It was the return of "The Nightmare" alright. Not the fighter, but the one known as MMA judging.

Pearson was clearly the better fighter in all three rounds against the hometown favorite, yet only received the nod by one of the three judges who were on hand in Albuquerque last weekend (highlights here). Pretty much every viewer, fan and media member in attendance were left shocked and bewildered at Sanchez being awarded the split-decision victory.

Color commentator Kenny Florian said during the broadcast that the judges "should be ashamed." The decision was that egregious.

There can always be a debate among fans and media when it comes to judging in MMA, but everyone was in harmony last night whether on social media or out in New Mexico, that Pearson was robbed.

Sanchez said at the post-fight press conference that he felt he won the fight, while his counterpart obviously felt the opposite. When interviewed by Megan Olivi of FOX Sports 1, Sanchez was already moving on to his next endeavor, insisting he wants to fight Nate Diaz when the UFC heads to Mexico later this year (story here). reached out to Diaz's manager on Sunday for a response to the post-fight call out and the outspoken Mike Kogan had this to say (via text message):

"Diego isn't important enough to warrant a response. He should count his lucky stars two retarded judges were watching Oprah reruns while he was fighting and then handed him a win."

Sounds like if Diaz works out the lingering issues with UFC brass, that a fight against Sanchez will not be of interest.

You mad?

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