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Greg Jackson media scrum video: Bryan Caraway gets benefit of doubt following illegal fish hook at UFC Fight Night 42

There was something fishy going on last night on FOX Sports 1...

"Fish hook? Well, you have to give Bryan the benefit of the doubt. I hope he didn't do that on purpose, but things happen I guess. The bottom line is, ‘Goyito' made a mistake, and he learned from that mistake, I hope. We won't be shooting from across the cage again. I think that shooting in from far away and stuff like that is just ‘Goyito' getting his feet wet, so it was a learning experience for him. I thought we were winning the fight until then and Caraway did a great job of capitalizing on a mistake."

Famed mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer Greg Jackson takes the high road after learning that one of his pupils, Erik Perez, was victimized by Bryan Caraway via fish hook, prior to locking up a fight-ending submission at the UFC Fight Night 42 event last Saturday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico (results). "Kid Lightning" feigned ignorance at the "Henderson vs. Khabilov" post-fight press conference (watch it here), and Jackson is not going to hold it against him. How about you?

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