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Diego Sanchez calls out Nate Diaz: Stop being a crybaby and fight me

Don't cry, dry your eye and take a fight.

Nate Diaz is still embroiled in a contract dispute with the powers that be at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) but that hasn't stopped him from getting called out by various fighters. Diego Sanchez is one of them and now that he's defeated Ross Pearson (even if the Fight Metric report doesn't agree) at last night's (Sat., June 7, 2014) UFC Fight Night 42 event in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's sending another message:

"With that victory, I want to put a challenge out to Nate Diaz. Diaz-Diego, let's do this in Mexico. Stop being a crybaby crying about not getting enough money. Be a real fighter and fight because you love to fight. Fight me. See if you can hang with this. Come on, Dana (White), make it happen!"

Diaz isn't likely to come back anytime soon -- remember, his manager reportedly sucks -- but even if he does would a fight opposite Sanchez make sense?

I would consult the official UFC rankings to check but Diaz was ripped for "inactivity".

Let's assume Diaz is intrigued enough to cut a favorable deal; would you Maniacs be on board for Diaz vs. Diego in Mexico like Sanchez so desperately wants?

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