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Henderson vs. Khabilov fight results, UFC Fight Night 42: Round 2

Khabilov came out spinning around and landing with kicks only for Henderson to hit hard with a counter shot to keep Rustam against the fence. They clinched shortly after and battled against the fence.

In a physical test like that, Khabilov had the advantage.

Rustam snagged a takedown but "Smooth" stood up rather quickly. Henderson jumped him and quickly took his back, locking in a triangle position from there. With a full two minutes remaining in the round, there was plenty of time to work.

Khabilov escaped after just 30 seconds, however, and it was back to fighting against the fence. On the breakaway, the Russian started spamming a right hand that Henderson saw coming from a mile away.

He avoided until the final punch of the round, a hard shot that pushed "Bendo" back.

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