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Ben Henderson vs. Rustam Khabilov fight blog: Round 3

Khabilov was winging wild punches early in the round, all of them missing high. Henderson came back with a big punch to the body that couldn't find the mark.

A kick led to a takedown, which led to Khabilov grabbing the neck and sitting down on his opponent. There wasn't enough action for the referee, so he asked for the two to pick up the pace.

The announce team started wondering why Khabilov wasn't attacking in volume while Henderson was winning coming out of the clinch. Henderson rushed and landed a hard uppercut that forced Rustam to duck down. From there, "Smooth" jumped a guillotine but never quite locked it in.

Henderson was taken down again but managed a sit out and reversal, where he ended up on top and passed to half guard. That's where the round ended.

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