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Full Metal Dojo results: Glenn Sparv stops Mikael Dubois in Phuket

While you were sleeping...

Mikael Dubois might be the toughest 0-1 fighter on the planet.

Yesterday morning, the Canadian probably didn't have any plans for Saturday night, but he agreed to replace Full Metal Dojo headliner Joe Ray at less than 24 hours notice, lost six kgs before the weigh in and still came desperately close to scoring a first round knockout against one of Finland's top prospects.

Any doubts that Sparv had as to whether this would be a competitive contest given his opponent's lack of preparation time would have been immediately dispelled as he was taken down with a textbook hip toss and ate a series of elbows.

As Sparv worked his way up he ate an enormous soccer kick to the face and for a moment it appeared that Dubois was going to be rewarded for his fearlessness with a first round stoppage over a seasoned welterweight, but the fighter from Finland regained his composure and then scored a double leg takedown.

Dubois was trapped against the cage and ate a series of knees to the head with experienced referee Oliver Coste eventually stepping in to save the super-tough Canadian from further punishment. Sparv, who fights out of Team Quest Chiang Mai, improves to 9-3 but the short notice replacement from Tiger Muay Thai has some serious skill as well as a big pair of balls and surely won' have to wait too long for his first pro win.

The Seduction Discotheque, which sits on arguably Thailand's sleaziest road in the heart of the Patong red light district, was packed for  the first ever Full Metal Dojo event and there was plenty of action as all eight fights ended with stoppages.

None of the fights made it further than the second round and there was plenty of drama in the co main event a Legacy Gym's Chatmongkon Simanoom was being frustrated by opponent Sarawut Pestsing's smothering wrestling tactics, but turned the fight around after landing a soccer kick and then finishing his opponent with elbows and knees.

The ONE FC rule set was in full effect and the soccer kicks and knees to the head of a grounded opponent were a feature throughout the fight, but unfortunately Cambodia's Nun Sophea decided to take things a little too far, perhaps under the impression that MMA really was no holds barred fighting.

Sophea, who speaks not one word of English and would have been completely oblivious to what was being said at the rules meeting, was warned once for grabbing the fence, warned a second time for shots to the back of the head and finally DQd for using his heel to land strikes with from a grounded position which the referee adjudged to be stomps.

Jon Nutt entertained the audience with renditions of his favourite songs in between fights and the charismatic promoter announced that Full Metal Dojo would be back in August and then every six weeks after that. Good news for anyone whose idea of a fun weekend involves sunshine, scantily clad Asian women and some good old fashioned MMA.

Full Metal Dojo 1, Seduction Discotheque, Patong Beach. Phuket, Thailand

Glenn Sparv beats Mike Dubois by TKO (Knees)

Chatmongkon Simanoom beat Sarawut Pestsing by TKO (Soccer kicks and knees)

Ratcharat Yimprai beat Nun Sophea by DQ

Magnus Revtawee beat Rachanon Ngaongam by Submission (Armbar)

Emilio Uruttia beat Seiha Pich by Submission (Triangle choke)

Manachai Promsawad beat Detchadin Phetsingkorn by  KO (Knee)

Alex Schild beat Chan Heng Peng by Submission (Rear naked choke)

Dylan Fussell beat Nanthon Chantaramani by TKO (Punches)

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