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Cotto vs Martinez results, LIVE HBO PPV fight coverage stream

Miguel Cotto will attempt to become the first-ever Puerto Rican four-division world boxing champion tonight (Sat., June 7, 2014) when he takes on WBC middleweight kingpin, Sergio Martinez, LIVE from Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., on HBO pay-per-view (PPV). Get full "Cotto vs. Martinez" results and live fight coverage below!

*** To watch full "Cotto vs. Martinez" video highlights replay click here. ***

Two of boxing's finest fighters of the generation will battle this evening (Sat., June 7, 2014) inside historic Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., when Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto and Argentina's Sergio Martinez collide in a WBC Middleweight match.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of "Cotto vs. Martinez" below, starting with the HBO pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

The two are coming off of decidedly different performances -- Cotto (38-4, 31 KO) looked in vintage form dismantling Delvin Rodriguez, while Martinez (51-2, 28 KO) looked, well, like a man pushing 40 years old against Martin Murray. The boxing veterans will fight for Martinez's WBC middleweight belt, a weight at which Cotto has never before competed.

Elsewhere on the card, Puerto Rican Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (23-3, 19 KO) will rematch the powerful Marvin Sonsona (18-1-1, 15 KO) at Featherweight. In addition, Ireland's Andy Lee (32-2, 22 KO) will face John Jackson (18-1, 15 KO) -- son of the legendary Julian Jackson -- and Jorge Melendez (28-3, 26 KO) will take on Javier Francisco Maciel (28-3, 20 KO).


Middleweight: Miguel Cotto def. Sergio Martinez by TKO (corner stoppage) at 0:06 of Round Ten

Featherweight: Marvin Sonsona def. Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. by split decision (96-92, 92-96, 96-92)

Light Middleweight: Javier Francisco Maciel  def. Jorge Melendez by majority decision (94-94, 96-92, 97-91)

Light Middleweight: Andy Lee def. John Jackson by knockout at 1:07 of Round Five


Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez

Round one: Cotto lands a hard right hand early, Martinez lands a counter hook. Cotto narrowly misses with a right straight. Both land hooks with their lead hands. Great left hook from Cotto stumbles Martinez. Martinez firing back despite wobbly legs. Cotto to the body and drops Martinez with a left hook to the temple. Halfway through the round. Another left hook by Cotto; Martinez's legs are not there. Right hand, left hook to the body. Yet another left hook and Martinez again stumbles to the mat. 45 to go when they restart. Another left hook and Sergio falls to the mat yet again; his knees can't support him anymore.Cotto swats him with another left hook after landing a straight. Clinch. Sergio lands a left hand, Cotto with a few of his own before the bell. 10-6 Cotto.

Round two: Sergio still circling, Cotto in pursuit. Right hand lands for Cotto. Clinch. Left hook lands, Sergio misses a left straight and clinches. Left hook lands for Cotto. Martinez left straight lands. Cotto nearly slips. Halfway through the round. Sergio slips; I'm honestly worried about his legs. Cotto in full pursuit. Nice body shot from Miguel. Clinch. Left hook lands. Clinch after a glancing hook. Good short-range battle before the bell. 20-15 Cotto.

Round three: Cotto sparks him with a left hook, lands a couple more to the head and body. Nice staright from Martinez, good hook from Cotto. Cotto straight, clinch. Sergio right hook, Cotto left hook. One minute in. Clash of heads. Clinch. Martinez bounces some right hooks off the guard and gets slammed with a left hook. Another hard left from Cotto. To the head and body with those left hooks. Sergio potshotting but unable to back the smaller man off. Coutner right by Sergio. Minute to go. Cotto to the body in the corner, Martinez whacks him with a straight. Another near center ring. Stiff jab from Martinez after taking some rights from Cotto. Clinch. Cotto narrowly misses an uppercut at the bell. 30-24 Cotto.

Round four: Martinez pumping his jab early. Right straight lands for Miguel. Stiff jab from Sergio. One minute in. Cotto with a jab. Cotto rattles him with a counter left hook over the jab and begins advancing. Sergio calls him on. Cotto cracks him with a right hand before Sergio circles off the ropes. Big left hand and right hook from Martinez. On eminute to go. Sergio with another good straight. Left hooks from both men. Clinch. Cotto with a right to the body. Sergio lands a left straight to the body to end the round. 40-33 Cotto.

Round five: Sergio needs either a knockdown or to win every single round to win this.

Cotto lands a left hook. Ref pauses the fight to pull up Sergio's shorts. Cotto with a double left hook and right straight. Both land jabs. One minute in, Sergio staying out of range. Martinez pokes the body with lefts, takes a right downstairs and left hook. Cotto left hook, Sergio right hook. Nice left hook and body blow from Cotto. One minute to go. Martinez falls short with his punches. Miguel steps in with left hooks to the head and body. Sergio just misses with long shots, puts a pair of hard straights in Cotto's gut. Cotto ends the round with a left hook downstairs. 50-42 Cotto.

Round six: Sergio lands a lead left. Another good straight to the body. Cotto backs him tot he corner, Sergio clinches. Cotto right hand. One minute in. Good right hand and left hook from Cotto. Nice counter right by Sergio. Straight to the body. Exchange inside. Both land their lead hooks. Cotto right hand. Martinez straight left. One minute to go. Cotto right downstairs, left up top. Cotto digs to the body and again. Left hook to the head. Again Cotto digs to the body. Martinez prods the body, some miscommunication makes Cotto think the round is over and he turns away before the bell. He avoids trouble, though. 60-51 Cotto.

Round seven: Cotto's shots stray low. Martinez left falls short. Martinez with a left downstairs and another. One minute in. Hard straight from Sergio, Cotto takes it well and they clinch. Clinch from Sergio. Cotto digs a hard right hand to the body after a long period of circling. Sergio just misses with a right. One minute to go. More body shots from Miguel. Left hook to the body. Straight sneaks through Sergio's guard. Cotto lands a pair of body shots before the bell, but takes one up top. 70-60 Cotto.

Round eight: Cotto has more than doubled Sergio's power punches.

Short left hook by Sergio connects. Lead left hook from Cotto. One minute in; slow opening minute. Lead left connects for Sergio. Jabs from both, Cotto ducks a straight. Right straight from Cotto connects. Body shot and left hook upstairs by Cotto. Cotto jab and left hook to the head. Head clash. One minute to go. Double jab from Sergio. Sergio slips after falling short with a left straight. Jabbing and Cotto pops him with a straight in the last few seconds. 80-69 Cotto.

Round nine: Cotto seems plenty fresh going into the ninth round..

Lead lefts from Martinez. Left hook by Cotto. Straight from Martinez. Big right hand by Cotto. Clinch. Shovel hook rattles Sergio. Right hand up top, left hook to the body, clinch. Cotto whacks him with hooks near the ropes. Halfway through the round. Another lead right by Cotto. Hard left hook. Martinez firing his jab, takes another left hook downstairs. Another left hook and right straight. Another left hook. Two more left hands. A stiff jab forces one of Sergio to buckle. He seems alright and makes it through the round, but it's another 10-8 round. 90-77 Cotto.

Sergio begs his corner to give him one more round but his trainer makes the decision to stop it. Utter domination by Miguel Cotto

Final result: Cotto def. Martinez by corner stoppage


Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. vs. Marvin Sonsona

Round one: Vazquez on the front foot. Vazquez looking to back Marvin to the ropes. So far, both men hitting guard. Clinch. Right to the body from Vazquez. Good body shots by Marvin. Now Marvin is on the offensive and drops Vazquez with a body shot. Vazquez up at 8. Sonsona in pursuit, landing good body and headshots. Halfway through the round. Vazquez looks steady. Clinch. Sonsona with a couple more to the body. Clinch. Marvin prods the body. Good lead right and left hook to the body from Vazquez. Thirty seconds. Vazquez lands another lead right to the body, Sonsona answers upstairs before the bell. 10-8 Sonsona.

Round two: Vazquez lead right downstairs. Sonsona right hook upstairs, left to the body. Clinch. Nice left hook downstairs from WV2. Right hook from Sonsona. One minute in. Lead right by Vazquez, clinch. Clinch. Right hand by Vazquez, clinch. Marvin pops him with a southpaw 1-2, then goes low with a left. One minute left. Clinch. Vazquez right hand, clinch. Both land lefts to the body. Sonsona right hook and left to the body. Clinch. Bell, 19-18 Sonsona.

Round three: Vazquez on the front foot. Marvin clinches up when he's backed to the ropes. Lead left by Sonsona and he steps in with body shots. Inside left straight, clinch. Lead right from Vazquez. Sonsona to the body. Halfway through the round. Both land good body shots. Vazquez left downstairs, clinch. Right hook by Marvin. thirty seconds. Clinch. Clinch. Close round. 29-27 Sonsona.

Round four: Lead left from Marvin. Left to the body. Vazquez digs in with a left hook downstairs, gets clinched. Vazquez with another pair of body shots. Sonsona left hook. One minute in. Clinch. Another body shot by Vazquez. Vazquez targeting the body, takes a left hand and gets clinched. Clinch. Right downstairs this time. One minute to go. Ref tells them to stop holding. Sonsona right and lead left, Vazquez to the body. Clinch. Both dig downstairs. Clinch. Vazquez to the body and a clinch at the bell. 38-37 Sonsona.

Round five: Marvin pops him with a pair of straights. Clinch. Clinch. Right straight by WV2. Clinch. Sonsona fighting very tentatively. Sonsona left to the body, 1-2 misses. Clinch. Pretty much all of these are initiated by Marvin. Marvin tags him with an uppercut, clinch. Halfway through the round. Clinch. WV2 to the body, clinch. The referee has a hilariously disapproving look on his face and again tells them to stop holding. Right straight, left hook downstairs by Vazquez. Clinch. Vazquez again to the body. Sonsona with a great combination with WV2 on the ropes. Clinch. Clinch, this one from Vazquez. Clinch from Marvin and again. Sonsona with some glancing blows before the bell. 47-47.

Round six: Sonsona to the body, clinch. Clinch. Sonsona more aggressive this round, takes hooks from WV2. One minute in. Sonsona bounces some shots off the guard and smacks the body. Powerful exchange in the corner, both men connecting. WV2 to the body and now he's clinching as Sonsona advances. WV2 targeting the left to the body. One minute to go. Lead right by Vazquez. Clinch. Left hook upstairs, right straight. Marvin clinches and punches on the break, earning a point deduction. Nice 3-2 by Sonsona, clinch. Bell, 57-55 Vazquez.

Round seven: Clash of heads, Marvin seemingly hamming it up in the corner. Seemed like a solid smack, though, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Sonsona lands a straight. Vazquez right hook lands in the groin. One minute in. WV2 body shot. Right hand to the head. Sonsona left to the gut. Clinch. Clinch. Clinch. Clinch.

Seriously, guys, I'm missing Henderson vs. Khabilov for this. Quit taunting me with grappling.

Clinch. Marvin acting up something, ref seems tired of his shit. Clinch. 45 to go. Body shot by Sonsona. Clinch. Clinch.

Sonsona lands a right hook and left uppercut. Round ends, 66-65 Vazquez.

Round eight: Vazquez lands a hard straight and another couple. Clinch. Both land jabs. Combination from Marvin. One minute in. clinch. Straight from Vazquez, combo from Sonsona. BIG 1-2 by Vazquez produces a lovely thump. Clinch. Clinch. One minute to go, clinch. Two more good right hands by Vazquez. Clinch.Clinch and Marvin seems to have been looking for a takedown. Marvin with a right hook. Bell, 76-74 Vazquez.

Round nine: Sonsona left to the body. Both coming up short with combos. Nice right from Vazquez near the ropes. Sonsona body shot, clinch. Clinch. Clinch. One minute in. Vazquez lead right connects. Clinch. Missed punches, clinch. Vazquez left hook. Clinch. Man, this is barely worth commenting on. One minute to go. Sonsona body shot, clinch. Sonsona tries a combination and clinches. Nice 1-2 from Marvin. Clinch. Clinch. Clinch. Make it stop. 85-84 Vazquez.

Round ten:  Vazquez lands a right hand. Both take a tumble on a clinch. Sonsona clinches as Vazquez tries to press the advantage. Good exchange near the corner, spoiled immediately by a clinch. Vazquez landing short shots. They separate. Good uppercut by Sonsona. Sonsona does some good work inside. Halfway through the round. Straight from Vazquez. Vazquez cracks him with a pair of hard crosses. Clinch. Clinch. Sonsona flurry, clinch. Clinch. Vazquez trying to work while clinched. Ref takes a punch from Vazquez while splitting them up, amusingly. They end in the clinch. 95-93 Vazquez.

Dishonor on both of you. Dishonor on your cows.

Final result: Sonsona def. Vazquez by split decision


Jorge Melendez vs. Javier Francisco Maciel

Round one: Melendez wearing a reference to #BringBackOurGirls on his walkout gear. Nice gesture.

Nice right hand and short blows from Maciel. Melendez firing back against the ropes, but Maciel  continues throwing. They separate. Melendez jabbing. One minute in. More jabs from Melendez, Maciel digs to the body against the ropes. Now Melendez backs him tot he ropes but gets clinched. Maciel just misses with a big left hook. Rights to the body from Melendez. One minute left. 1-2 from Maciel backs Melendez off. Good bodywork from both inside. Clubbing blows in the clinch from Melendez in the waning seconds. 10-9 Melendez.

Round two: Melendez advancing, short right by Maciel. Left hook to the body form Maciel after getting backed to the ropes. Another, paired up with an overhand right. Tries to work him on the ropes, limited success. Melendez whiffs on an overhand. One minute in. Nice uppercuts by Maciel. Melendez body shot. Right downstairs, left hook and uppercut in a combo. Maciel doing well to get around Melendez's guard. Melendez body blow. Maciel walking Melendez down with a steady sequence of shots. Melendez bakcs him off with punches. Forty-five to go. Maciel digging to the body, eats a right hand. Uppercuts from both. Melendez right downstairs, might have gone low. Round ends, 19-19.

Round three: There's a lot of close-quarters combat going on; might be best to be a little less specific about each and every punch so I don't fall behind.

Melendez moving forward, bouncing shots off Maciel's guard. Maciel clinches. Hard shots off the back foot from Maciel. Melendez continues unperturbed. Melendez lands another right that may have been low. One minute in. Cross, combo from Maciel. Left downstairs. Stiff jab by Melendez. 1-1-2 from the Argentine. One minute to go. Melendez walking him down, but Maciel is throwing in combination when he gets backed to the corner. Good shots in response from Melendez. Maciel landing a steady diet of body shots, Melendez reciprocating. Melendez coming on a bit late in the round. Maciel lands an overhand right but it seems like he can't budge the "Destroyer." 29-28  Melendez.

Round four: Melendez again on the front foot, pumping the jab. Nice inside work by Jorge. Melendez targeting the body well. Looks like he has more steam on his punches right now. Yet again a Melendez right hand strays low and he rightly loses a point. Maciel takes some time to recover. MAciel whacks him with a left, blocks a retaliatory combo. One minute in. Maciel digs in in close. Melendez combination, tagging the body. Maciel overhand. Hard right straight from Melendez answered by an overhand. 45 to go and Maciel cracks him with an overhand. Maciel has him against the ropes and drops Melendez with an overhand right. Melendez smiling when he returns to action. Two more big rights by Maciel. Another one; great work by Maciel against the ropes at the end of the round. 38-36 Maciel.

Round five: Melendez immediately on the attack, lands some solid blows to the head and body. Maciel cracks him with another heavy right hand and opens up on Melendez. Meledez backed into the corner but firing back. One minute in. Melendez lands a rabbit punch and they separate. Good shots by Melendez, backing Maciel to the ropes before getting clinched. Counter right by Maciel. Melendez moves him back, they clinch. Maciel giving ground, still blocking well. One minute to go. Clinch. Not much activity in the last minute. Melendez body shot. Maciel answers in kind before the bell. 48-45 Maciel.

Round six: Powerful body shots from Maciel. Melendez still backing his man up. Maciel jabbing the body. One minute in. Right hand around the guard from Jorge. Melendez body shot. Maciel with a pair of body shots. One minute to go. Maciel overhand right. Melendez doubles up the left hook. Melendez whiffs on a right hand. Maciel looks fatigued. Both men go to the body. Maciel with a right to the body. One more up top before the bell. 58-54 Maciel.

Round seven: Melendez definitely looks fresher. Melendez bouncing shots off Maciel's forearms. Left hook lands for the Argentine. One minute in. Really not much going on this round. Left hook by Maciel. Melendez not pressing the advantage like I think he should. Maciel waves him on and blasts Melendez with a right hand. Maciel opens up with head and body shots on a cornered Melendez. One minute to go. They clinch. Maciel to the body. Lead right by Maciel. Now Maciel is advancing. Maciel poking the body. Round ends with Maciel landing on Melendez in the corner. 68-63 Maciel.

Round eight: Jabs early, Melendez back on the offensive. One minute in. Melendez slams home a pair of body shots. Maciel with a left hook downstairs. Maciel to the body. Things have slowed down, which favors Maciel at the moment. Melendez backed to the corner, eats some body shots but lands an uppercut. One minute to go. Short right hand for Melendez. Melendez with a right downstairs. Melendez lands a right around the guard. Maciel digs to the body. Bell. 78-72 Maciel.

Round nine: Maciel lands a right over the top and again backs Melendez to the ropes. Glancing hooks by Melendez. Right connects for Maciel. Good left hook. Melendez whiffs on a 1-2. One minute in. Big overhand right by Maciel, Melendez pushes him away. Left hook by Maciel. Melendez is letting himself get moved around by a fading fighter. Menedez is not retaliating significantly. Good short-range battle in center ring. Maciel backs him wto the ropes, lands some body blows and takes one. Overhands connect, Melendez digs to the body. Maciel tattoos the body. Nice exchange against the ropes, Melendez backs him off with two hard headshots. Melendez lands a pretty sequence of shots before the bell. 87-82 Maciel.

Round ten: Melendez on the attack with urgency. Melendez firing relentlessly, Maciel obliging him. Great shots from both men. Maciel waves him on again. One minute in. Maciel intercepting shots well. To the body. Pwerful left hook downstairs and right over the top from Maciel. Maciel moving him around the ring, takes a right around the guard. Thumping body blow by Maciel. One minute to go. Maciel digging away . Melendez's frantic charge is over and Maciel is landing excellent shots. Melendez retaliating against the ropes but getting the worse of the exchange. Good combination from Melendez at the end, though. 97-91 Maciel.

Final result: Maciel def. Melendez by majority decision


Andy Lee vs. John Jackson

Round one: Lee southpaw, Jackson orthodox. Lee's jab looks sharp early on. Good one-two from the Irishman. Lee lands a left downstairs, takes a right up top. Jackson to the body, clinch. One minute in. Lead right downstairs from Jackson. Jackson stalking, landing that right downstairs. Lee pops him with a right but gets rattled by a sequence from Jackson. Clinch. MASSIVE overhand right from Jackson flattens Lee. Impressively, Lee is back up with time to spare. One minute left. Lee firing back as Jackson tries to put him away, landing a few powerful left hands before they clinch. Tentative end to the round. 10-8 Jackson.

Round two: Little action in the first thirty seconds. Jackson right to the body, Lee pops him with a right hook at the end of his combo. Jackson lands a southpaw right hook and one downstairs. Good exchange in the corner, clinch. Lee might have gotten the better of it. Halfway through the round. Clinch. Lee lands an uppercut on the exit. Jackson steadily marching forward. Nice exchange in the corner, clinch. Both men firing haymakers; Lee's feeling it. Lead right from Jackson, clinch. Round ends. 20-17 Jackson.

Round three: Lee circling, landing the occasional long punch. Lead right from Jackson and one downstairs. Counter rights from Lee. One minute in. Stiff jab connects. Both whiff on right hooks. Clinch. Lee to the body. Jackson responds in kind. One minute to go. Jackson whacks him with a left hook downstairs and right hook to the head. Powerful right by Andy Lee. Bell, 29-27 Jackson.

Round four: Another slow opening thirty seconds. Make that a slow opening minute. Lee jabs the body. Clinch. Jackson jab. Nice little combo by Jackson, Lee with a right hook at the tail end. Good short shots by Jackson. One minute in. Lee pops him with a jab. Big lead straight by Jackson and a hook afterwards. Jackson lands a pair of lead straights in the waning seconds. 39-36 Jackson.

Round five: Jackson with a couple of straight rights. Lee 1-2 is blocked. Nice uppercut by Jackson and he unloads on Lee against the ropes. Suddenly, as Lee backs into an adjacent set of ropes, he crushes Jackson with a right hook. Jackson faceplants; stunning comeback knockout for the Irishman.

Final result: Lee def. Jackson by knockout


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