Pic: Copy Of Vitor Belfort Drug Test Results Show Staggering Levels Of Testosterone


According to UFC President Dana White, doctors "disagree with the results of this test." Maybe the word "high" is a bit too vague for the medical community? As you can see from the photo above (click here for a hi-res version), UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort didn't just flunk his out-of-competition drug test, he downright obliterated it. Of particular concern is the free testosterone -- attributed to performance -- which was more than double the allowable limit. "The Phenom" was able to return his levels to an acceptable range after testing positive (more on that here), but you have to wonder how the Brazilian slipped through the cracks after the promotion vowed to "test the shit out of everybody." See Belfort's follow-up tests -- with dramatic fluctuations -- right here.