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Full Metal Dojo weigh in results coming to you direct from Hooters in Phuket

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Weigh ins are always fun, but for real fun, you can't beat a weigh in event at Hooters.

Pictured above is Full Metal Dojo promoter Jon Nutt with an assortment of scantily clad waitresses and, on a slightly less interesting note, below are the results from his promotion's weigh in ahead of the inaugural Full Metal Dojo fight card in Phuket tomorrow night:

Full Metal Dojo 1, Seduction Discotheque, Patong Beach. Phuket, Thailand

Glenn Sparv (81.6kg) vs Mike Dubois (80.3kg)

Chatmongkon Simanoom (yet to arrive) vs Sarawut Pestsing (62.1)

Nun Sophea (71.6) vs Ratcharat Yimprai (73.5)

Magnus Revtawee (63.9) vs Rachanon Ngaongam (66.2)

Seiha Pich (66.8) vs Emilio Uruttia (65.7)

Manachai Promsawad (59.2) vs Detchadin Phetsingkorn (59.2)

Alex Schild (60.5) vs Chan Heng Peng (61.3)

Dylan Fussell (82) vs Nanthon Chantaramani (95)

All weights in kilos

So there you have it. I know for a fact I have never been to a weigh in at Hooters before and I'm pretty sure I have never been to a weigh in where no one had any idea whatsoever who would be on the fight card until the actual fights were announced.

But against all odds 13 fighters turned up with one reportedly on his way and tomorrow night Full Metal Dojo will become the first ever MMA event (to the best of my knowledge) to take place in a country controlled by a military junta.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But with a name like Full Metal Dojo and a weigh in venue like Hooters what's not to like?

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