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Humongous female grappling champ with freakish biceps calls out Ronda Rousey following 'Rowdy's' jiu-jitsu snub

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I'd like you to meet two-time open class world champion Gabi Garcia ... who has a bone to pick with a certain UFC titleholder.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is confident she can beat any female in the world in a straight-up jiu-jitsu match, according to comments she made last week (read 'em) in advance of her upcoming title fight.

That didn't sit too well with Gabi Garcia.

The hulking behemoth, winner of eight world Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships and best known as Wanderlei Silva's sidekick on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil," told Gracie Mag that Rousey must have been confused, because there is no way a champion would be brazen enough to make that sort of claim.

"I rather believe she didn't know what she was saying. It's not possible for someone to display such a lack of humbleness. She disrespected jiu-jitsu as a whole. The first quality of a champion is to be humble and to respect others. As my professior Fabio Gurgel said, I'm ready and at her disposal to fight her under any rules, with or without gi."

Where you at, Metamoris?

Rousey will have a chance to put her money where her mouth is this Saturday night (July 5, 2014) in the co-main event of UFC 175 in Las Vegas, Nevada (preview) against jiu-jitsu black belt Alexis Davis, who will "definitely" stop the champion's armbar.

If she can't?

Then it's on to bigger and better things. And if Garcia gets her wish, much bigger.