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NSAC: Vitor Belfort's surprise drug test results will be made public at UFC 175 hearing on June 17

And the MMA world will be waiting on pins and needles.

Chris Trotman

Joe Rogan already revealed that Vitor Belfort tested positive after he was subject to a surprise drug test last February, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator didn't specify what exactly he pissed hot for.

Heck, no one knows, seeing as how the results have been kept under wraps ever since. That's because the outcome is "irrelevant," according to UFC President Dana White.

While most in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community are leaning toward high testosterone levels being the culprit of the failed test, the results will become official when "The Phenom" attends his June 17, 2014 hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That's according to the new NSAC director, Bob Bennett (via Yahoo! Sports):

"The test results will be made public, yes. If Mr. Belfort appears at his hearing, which I'm sure he will, the commissioners will get to question him about any topics they want and I'm sure that will come up."

Sorry, lady "Phenom," but the truth has to come out.

Belfort will be in "Sin City" to see if he will be granted a license to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5, 2014 as a late replacement for Wanderlei Silva after he was booted from the fight for allegedly ducking out on a surprise drug test.

Belfort was previously knocked out of his middleweight scheduled fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 173, which was supposed to go down last month in Las Vegas, due to the ban on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

He'll have a chance to re-earn the title fight if he can manage to defeat "The American Gangster," but only if he's granted a license to fight, of course.

Stay tuned.

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