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Joe Rogan confirms that Vitor Belfort 'tested positive' following surprise drug test in Nevada

Belfort says the results are private, UFC President Dana White called them inconclusive, and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan said the Brazilian "tested positive."

Chris Trotman

So, what exactly happened when Vitor Belfort was subjected to a random, out-of-competition drug test from Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) back in February?

That depends on who you ask.

The answers range from "private," to "irrelevant," to "nobody knows what the fuck they're talking about." Well, we have a new entry into the answer bag, courtesy of Joe Rogan on his official podcast (via Bloody Elbow):

"They did it to Vitor...random drug test. And Vitor was on testosterone. That's the reason that testosterone got banned in the first place. The whole thing went down when Vitor tested positive with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, after that. Before that, they were considering him for a testosterone exemption....And because he tested positive they scrapped the whole testosterone program."

Skip to 1:32:55 to get to the drug testing discussion.

Tested positive for what?

While this is merely speculation, this writer is guessing elevated testosterone, which is not uncommon for fighters on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), as they are not required to meet the commission's limits until they are officially licensed to fight.

Vitor wasn't.

That's why the test results have not been made public and carry no penalty.

But they will undoubtedly be considered when Belfort applies for his license to compete at UFC 175 opposite Chael Sonnen on July 5, 2014, considering his rocky relationship with NSAC. "The Phenom" has a hearing scheduled for June 17 to make that determination.

Stay tuned.

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