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Greg Jackson: Jon Jones needs to get to Albuquerque and 'get going' if he plans on fighting Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 177

If you're looking to Greg Jackson for answers regarding the stalling behind contract negotiations between UFC and Jon Jones, you're asking the wrong person, because all Jackson does is "hold the bucket and yell" as Jon's trainer, not his manager.

Steve Snowden

Greg Jackson is geared up and ready to start training Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones for his upcoming rematch against Alexander Gustafsson, targeted for UFC 177 on Aug. 30, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That's just three months away.

The only problem is, "Bones" has yet to sign the bout agreement as he is still stuck in contract negotiations with the Zuffa-owned promotion.

As Jackson revealed on The MMA Hour, he is more than ready to get the camp rolling, something that needs to be done quickly if the champ wants to walk out with another victory against "The Mauler."

His words:

"Yeah, let's do it. As long as you get here in enough time for camp. I mean, if he waited until July 25, I'd say, 'one week of camp? I would not fight (Gustafsson) with one week of camp.' That would be ridiculous. But if he wants to get here and get going, absolutely."

One thing Jackson wants to make perfectly clear to all the fight fans who think he controls Jon's every move is that he is only his trainer, not his manager. That responsibility falls to Malki Kawa, which is why Greg has no clue what's going on with contract talks.

He explains:

"I have no idea. I just heard that last week about the contract disputes. I don't know. All I do is I hold the bucket and I yell. Malki [Kawa], First Round Management, that's their deal and what they do on the business side is their thing. I'm not sure what's happening there at all. I'm not sure what the management company is called, but, anyway, Malki is doing his thing over there and that's his area. Me, I'm like ‘here's the opponent, here's the best way we can beat them.' The only time I ever interfere is when they ask ‘should I fight somebody on eight days notice,' which is a math problem and I thought that was not a good idea. That was my foray into management."

For now, Jackson will focus on this weekend's (June 7, 2014) UFC Fight Night 42 event, which goes down in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico and airs on FOX Sports 1.

The event will keep Jackson and his coaching staff very busy as four of his fighters will compete on the main card, including Rustam Khabilov challenging Benson Henderson in the main event.

As far as the Jones contract dilemma, "DC" has already offered up an interim title fight pitting him against Gustafsson as a solution while Jones continues to battle it out in the negotiation room with the suits.

And if "Bones" and Co. can't come to terms with UFC -- and fast -- that may be not be such a bad option if a situation such as this one is to be avoided.

Unless UFC eliminates the middleman and just goes straight to Jones vs. Cormier.

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