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UFC issues statement on Chael Sonnen's latest failed drug test for HGH and EPO

An ugly UFC situation continues to get uglier ...

Jared Wickerham

For those counting, Chael Sonnen had four banned substances in his system when Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) tested him randomly ahead of his ill-fated grudge match against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 175:

Anastrozole, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), human growth hormone (HGH) and recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO).

After testing positive for the first two, Sonnen addressed the results in a seemingly "vulnerable" manner, conducting a rather awkward and tense 14-minute interview on FOX Sports Live (watch it here). While admitting he did not do everything in his power to disclose the prescribed medications, he argued that he should not be punished for trying to fix his fertility issues "out of competition."

Sonnen's next move was to retire from mixed martial arts (MMA). Regardless, NSAC still slapped him with a temporary suspension, which Sonnen suggested he would not fight nor protest.

Then, last night, news broke (read it here) that in addition to the fertility prescriptions, Sonnen also had what appears to be performance-enhancing substances in his system, substances that he failed to mention and/or include throughout his public relations retirement tour.

The bad news overshadowed the double header that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) staged yesterday, forcing the promotion to address the latest development in a prepared statement delivered by spokesperson Dave Sholler at the post-fight press conference in San Antonio, Texas (watch video replay here).

Here it is:

"We are made aware that a second random test conducted earlier this month resulted in a positive test for additional banned substances. Chael will have an opportunity to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission later this month, and through a statement released to the media, he has pledged to cooperate.... We will support the commission and continue to ensure that all UFC competitors compete on an even playing field free of performance enhancing drugs and banned substances."

It's unclear at this time if UFC will attempt to promote and then stream Sonnen's NSAC hearing live on its online digital network, Fight Pass, and then upload highlights of testimony to its official channel shortly thereafter.

Then again, Sonnen, will probably not receive the Wanderlei Silva "buried" treatment.

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