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Cub Swanson vs. Jeremy Stephens live results, UFC Fight Night 44: Round 1

Stephens opened with a leg kick that missed and spun him around. Swanson responded with an overhand but pulled back on it. A front kick landed for Jeremy and both guys were looking light on their feet early, though "Lil Heathen" was more comfortable standing in and trading punches.

Cub, for his part, was bouncing all around.

They started exchanging big punches before long. Swanson broke out a cartwheel kick that missed but had color commentator Brian Stann feeling fine.

Stephens was the first to land a truly big shot, stumbling Swanson back with a stiff shot over the top. Cub recovered quickly, however, and came back with a big combination that backed up his foe. While he was rushing in to continue the onslaught, Stephens popped him another one and scored a knockdown.

The first round ended with Stephens on top in Swanson's full guard.

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