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UFC Fight Night 43 results: Nate Marquardt submits James Te Huna with armbar in Auckland

Well, that didn't take long.

Hannah Peters

Nate Marquardt was on a Middleweight mission from God to get back on the winning track after losing three straight Welterweight matches.

Mission accomplished.

Marquardt tooled James Te Huna -- a former Light Heavyweight who was making his 185-pound debut -- earlier this morning (June 28, 2014) in the main event of UFC Fight Night 43, which took place at The Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

It all started with a gut-busting knee from Marquardt to the belly early in the first round, one that clearly hurt Te Huna and compelled him to attempt a takedown. It failed and Marquardt ended up in top position on the ground.

Marquardt began to rain down elbows before passing guard and delivering more significant punishment. However, Te Huna was able to escape momentarily thanks to an underhook from underneath that he used to secure a body lock.

In fact, once the match was upright again, Te Huna -- -- bloody and beaten at this point because of the earlier ground assault -- landed a nice uppercut that appeared to stun Marquardt. Unfortunately for Te Huna, he was unable to take advantage, missing on a trip and landing right in Marquardt's guard.

Bad position.

Te Huna tried to buck off Marquardt with about one minute remaining in the first round, but couldn't get free. In a move of desperation, he rolled to his belly to try and scoot out the back door, which is all Marquardt needed to grab a wing and bend it in the wrong direction.

With no other choice, Te Huna was forced to tap to the armbar with less than 30 seconds to go in the first frame, giving Marquardt a much-needed victory and, in the process, posting his third straight defeat via decisive finish.

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