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UFC Quick Quote: Female fighters are more worried about showing their asses than actually fighting

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Esther Lin

"The (female) fighters in the UFC are more worried about showing their asses than actually fighting. MMA has become a new thing because of Ronda, but she's actually one of the few real fighters. To be in the UFC, you have to show your ass. They should just put some strippers to brawl in there, it would be better. Ronda deserves to be where she is now. I don't see any fighter to beat her. The only one that could give her some trouble is Amanda Nunes. Nobody else can take her title. She's good in what she does. The others are terrible. A bunch of cans. I say this and I'm not ashamed of it. It's ridiculous. I dream about fighting in the UFC to show the other fighters that they need to train more. Miesha is good, but she should stay as a model so she can make more money."

Invicta FC featherweight number one contender, Ediane Gomes, destroys the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's division, telling (via MMA Fighting) that all female fighters -- outside of reigning 135-pound champion Ronda Rousey -- are a bunch of terrible cans whose only claim to fame is flashing some skin. Gomes (10-2) hopes to get her chance to shine under the bright lights of "Sin City" later this year, but must first overcome fellow Brazilian Cristiane Justino in the upcoming Invicta FC event on Fight Pass. And there's probably no better way to stamp a one-way ticket into the Octagon than by toppling "Cyborg," and then "India" can put her money where her ass mouth is.

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