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Jeremy Stephens: Cub Swanson TKOs people, but when I knock them out, they don't get up

"Lil' Heathen" expects to have a power advantage in San Antonio.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight fist-flinger, Jeremy Stephens, is feeling pretty confident ahead of his main event match up against Cub Swanson, which is scheduled for the UFC Fight Night 44: 'Swanson vs. Stephens' mixed martial arts (MMA) event on Sat., June 28, 2014 inside AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

That confidence comes from putting his opponents clean out.

It could mean the difference in "The Lone Star State," as the former lightweight breaks down the scouting report on Swanson. When comparing both skill sets under the overhead projector, "Lil' Heathen" has him beat in every facet of the game.

Stephens talks to Great MMA Debate (via FOX Sports):

"I think me and Cub Swanson could be a title fight with the way we perform. We're two great athletes, we're stand up guys, two guys who go for broke and we have it all together. I just feel like everything he's good at, I'm better at. I have the striking advantage with the power. He TKO's people, but when I knock people out they don't move, they don't get up. Their corners have to carry them back and ask them what the fuck just happened. He TKO's guys where they're still rocked and dazed, but they're still seeing the lights compared to when I do it, the lights just go completely out. When I hit people, it's not a flash knockout where they get back up and I hit them a couple of times and the ref stops it and they're like 'oh I wasn't out'. I hit people where it's like 'what happened?'. The coaches have to wake them up. That's just a difference in power. I can strike with him, I can ground and pound him, I can out wrestle him, I can get back up to my feet and I can submit him. I know I can beat this guy."

We shall see.

Swanson (20-5) has compiled an impressive five-fight winning streak, one that includes knockouts over Ross Pearson and Dennis Siver, among others. Stephens (23-9), meanwhile, has been tearing up the 145-pound division, stringing together three straight wins after dropping down from 155 pounds.

The winner is expected to top a very short list of featherweight title contenders.

Your pick?

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