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Dana White: Wanderlei Silva is 'very wrong' if he thinks he's solved NSAC drug test issues

And White also believes "Axe Murderer" is still in BIG trouble.


Wanderlei Silva is confident he has "solved" his drug test-evading problems with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after his hearing on June 17, 2014.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, on the other hand, isn't so optimistic, sharing his thoughts on the hearing (listen to it) via "The Download."

In fact, he believes "Axe Murderer" is still in a world of trouble. In White's view, it would have been better of he pissed hot -- which he would have -- than evading the test altogether.

His words:

"I'm not the athletic commission, but I think he's very wrong. I think he's in big trouble. You can not run away from a test. You can't do it, and it sets a very bad precedent. He would have been better off taking the test and testing positive than running from the test. But I'm not a commission member. Maybe I'm wrong and he's right. We'll see what happens."

According to White, he and Silva have always had a mutual respect for each other. And even though he has no say in the matter as far as potential punishment goes, he's confident he and Silva will be cool once this ordeal is is behind them.

He explains:

"He (Silva) and I have always dealt well with each other. Running from the test is as bad as it gets, though. Basically the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the judge and the jury, and they're going to handle it. Whatever happens, he will have his sentence and do whatever the commission says. Once he's through that, he and I will be cool."

The Las Vegas fight boss previously predicted that NSAC would "bury" Silva for his transgression, but the recent hearing was solely intended to gather information on the events that transpired, with a another hearing to discuss potential punishment to be set for a later date.

As White proclaims, despite what a "relieved" Silva thinks, he isn't getting off the hook so easy.

Sound about right?

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