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Carlos Condit wants Tyron Woodley rematch upon return from ACL surgery

Now all he has to do is convince "The Chosen One."


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight interim titleholder Carlos Condit won't be returning to mixed martial arts (MMA) action until early 2015, but he already has his next opponent in mind.

Tyron Woodley.

"The Chosen One" was the man responsible for sending him into knee surgery. Condit shredded his ACL at some point during their UFC 170 co-main event last March and there has been some question as to whether or not his injury cheapens the result.

Condit talks to UFC Tonight:

"Everything is going well so far. It's a long, slow process. It's six months from surgery until I can start doing light stuff in the MMA gym. I'm making progress. I want to get that rematch with Tyron Woodley and I want the rematch with Johny Hendricks. I want to be in the title picture and get that belt around my waist."

As far as Woodley is concerned, he won fair and square and it might be tough to convince him to give it another go-round. Then again, the Strikeforce import may not be in a position to be handing out orders, after coming up lame in the UFC 174 co-headliner earlier this month in Vancouver.

And he'll likely want to fight again before 2015.

We know what Condit wants coming off the bench, but how about you, the fan? Does "Woodley vs. Condit 2" do anything for ya'?

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