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'Scared' Demetrious Johnson is 'ducking' John Dodson and will leave eventual 'Magician' rematch a 'bloody mess'

"The Magician" is doing his best to lure "Mighty Mouse" into a rematch. Will he take the bait?

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

John Dodson solidified himself as the true No. 1 contender to challenge Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson after defeating John Moraga via technical knockout (doctor stoppage) at UFC Fight Night 42 a few weeks ago (recap).

Taking the chance to call out Johnson after the fight, Dodson's comments didn't sit too well with "Mighty Mouse," labeling Dodson a "fool" and a "clown" for his "embarrassing" post-fight speech.

And after defeating Ali Bagautinov this past weekend (Sat., June 14, 2014) at UFC 174 (video), Johnson reiterated that he had no interest in fighting Johnson again, seeing as how he already defeated him to defend his 125-pound strap for the first time just last year.

In Dodson's eyes, it all boils down to a simple case of Johnson doing his best to avoid another showdown against the "big, bad wolf."

His words to FOX Sports:

"I heard the press conference, I heard him trying to duck and bob and weave and jive out of a fight with me. Then he wants to tell everybody he wants to fight everybody but me, telling everybody 'John Dodson's a clown' yet he sounded like a scared little pussycat trying to run away from me. Is he afraid of the big, bad wolf? He doesn't think I'm worthy as an opponent? He said he wanted to see him fight (Jussier) Formiga, who I leveled. They want to see him go blow-for-blow with Zach Makovsky, who won two fights in the UFC so far. I think I've been on a tear here with a 5-1 streak, and the only person that beat me was Demetrious. If he doesn't want to fight me, put anybody else in front of me and I'll go toe-to-toe and I'll put them to sleep just like I should have done with him."

When asked if he believed Demetrious was "ducking" him, John didn't hold back one bit, saying that "DJ" knows he'll get put to sleep in the rematch.

His explains:

"Of course (he's ducking me). He knows I will put him to sleep this time. I'm in better shape, better conditioning, my strength is only getting better. He's shown he has knockout power now putting out Joseph Benavidez, one of the hardest hitting guys in the division, congratulations. Why don't you try to put me to sleep? I'm going to be just as fast as you, just as technical, but the only thing that's different -- I have more strength."

Dodson went on to say once he defeats Johnson, he would gladly offer him a chance to win his title back in a rubber match, only to knock him out again while leaving him a bloody mess.

His emphatic prediction:

"Next time we meet I'll put him to sleep. Then we can do the rubber match and I'll do it again. I'll have two knockouts over the champ. I'm going to watch me hit him, I'm going to watch him fall and I'm going to watch me kill him. I'm not going to stop punching him until the ref pulls me off or somebody throws in the towel. I'm going to make sure he walks away a bloody mess and I will walk away the new champion with a nice shiny belt around my waist. That's how that fight's going to end."

UFC President Dana White stopped short of saying Dodson would indeed be next for Johnson, but did say that the rematch made sense.

And with no other flyweight jumping out and making his case for a title fight at the moment, it seems "Mighty Mouse" will have to face "The Magician" whether he wants to or not.

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