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'The Promoter:' Watch never-before-seen Bjorn Rebney video promo that Viacom rejected

Bjorn Rebney often claimed that he -- and Bellator -- were all about the fighters, not the brand and/or promoter, unlike its competition UFC / Dana White. This never-before-seen clip that surfaced shortly after his release was announced earlir this morning would seem to suggest otherwise.

On the heels of Bjorn Rebney's dismissal as CEO of Bellator MMA (read about it here), his former employees have reacted with mixed emotions.

Quinton Jackson teased an early retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA) shortly after the announcement; however, "Rampage" declared it was his beef with the sport as a whole for his current state of mind.

Meanwhile, Eddie Alvarez wished his former boss -- and one-time enemy -- nothing but the best in his future projects, while Ben Saunders -- who was cut by Rebney -- emphatically declared that the firing was a fantastic day for the sport and all of Bellator's fighters.

While many have their personal opinions as to what type of person Rebney was, Middle Easy shared this never-before-seen promo dubbed "The Promoter," a video ad he had made with the help of filmmaker Bobby Razak that was intended to air on SPIKE TV.

The video shows Rebney making his way to his place at the Bellator booth for the fights, but not before stopping by to mingle, hug and high-five -- and shadow box -- all of his employees and fighters alike.

Unfortunately for Rebney, Viacom executives didn't dig it and rejected the idea altogether. Now we know the reason.

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