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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Serra gets shot in the ass about once a week

Perhaps that explains the former welterweight champion's new bulky physique.

Esther Lin/ MMA Fighting

"When I was done fighting, I'm always on the mats, at my school like six days a week, so I got on the TRT. Fuck yeah! I had some back issues and I'm always on the mat and I figured I'd get my levels checked because I had some guys that were going in around my age, a little older or whatever. My things (levels) were in the 300s and I was like, 'really? So I'm a candidate.' As long as I'm not fighting, what the hell, who cares. So I got on it...TRT is fun! I'm retired, I get a shot in the ass about once a week."

Matt Serra dropped by The MMA Hour this week (Mon., June 16, 2014) to promote his charity, "Live To Fight For Brian," an MMA seminar he, along with coach Ray Longo and Renzo Gracie, will be hosting in an effort to raise funds for a friend battling brain cancer. The 40-year old mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter also revealed that he is currently undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which explains why the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion now looks like a "swole" light heavyweight. His reason? It's fun, helps with his back issues, and helps him keep doing his job at his jiu-jitsu academies. Fortunately, the TRT ban -- which has caused problems for some fighters -- doesn't apply for former fighters like Serra. "The Terror" did clarify that his low testosterone levels were not a result of steroid abuse, which he never dabbled with. He also said that it's "stupid" that fighters in their twenties are on the treatment. Serra retired from fighting in 2010 after losing a unanimous decision to Chris Lytle at UFC 119. If you have an hour or so to kill, do yourself a favor and listen to the full (and wildly entertaining) Serra segment in which he talks all things "Game of Thrones," past rivalries, food and much more by clicking here.

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