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Video: Watch Mike Tyson punk UFC President Dana White for seat on private jet

When "Kid Dynamite" tells you to move, you move.

Rich Schultz

As President of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White is used to being the one handing out orders on a daily basis.

But when you share a ride with Mike Tyson and he commands you to give up your comfy seat on your own company's private jet, you do it, regardless if you're the leader of the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world.

Via Whites' Instagram:

For the "Captain Obvious" in the crowd, yes, we know it's staged.

White and Tyson were on their way home to Las Vegas, Nevada after making an appearance on Jim Norton's new show, "The Jim Norton Project."

The two combat sport icons have forged a friendship over the years, with Tyson, the former WBA, IBF and WBC heavyweight champion of the world, being and avid supporter and fan of MMA, specifically UFC.

Notice how even White's bodyguard in the back didn't step to "Iron Mike."

I don't blame him.

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