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Paul Daley: 'Mediocre' UFC welterweights like Rory MacDonald are on borrowed time

Attention, UFC welterweights, you have officially been put on notice by "Semtex."

When Paul Daley clobbered Josh Koscheck shortly after their UFC 113 welterweight clash came to an end back in 2010 (video), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White cut the British banger and vowed to never bring him back.

Still, a more mature "Semtex" isn't giving up hope that one day he will be able to once again compete inside the Octagon.

And if that day comes, Daley plans to add more excitement to a division that, despite being filled with a select few "incredible" fighters, some roster spots are being occupied by those who prefer to lay eggs and depend on the judges to get the victories.

Daley broke it down on his personal blog via Whoa TV:

"In the time I've been away from the UFC, achieving notable success and continuing to light people up I've seen the welterweight division swell with incredible fighters. Jonny Hendricks, Matt Brown and Dong Hyun Kim being among those worthy of note. I've seen fighters I once looked at with a degree of admiration throw their toys out of the proverbial pram acting like petulant children, Nick Diaz being one of them. I've also seen the spark leave the division which is seemingly filled by those content on decision wins rather than decisive knock outs or submissions. You only have to take a look at UFC 174 to get an idea of where I'm coming from when I say decision wins do not feature in my DNA. Two men (Tyron Woodley and Rory McDonald) both coming off mediocre performances looking to seal their place...with a less than stellar performance. Seems the welterweight division is filled with stallers rather than brawlers."

Daley also wants to let the rest of the 170-pound weight class know that they are on borrowed time, insisting that he is ready to light a spark in the division, should White have a change of heart.

His words:

"Apart from wanting to compete with the best and shake up what is essentially a division suffering from inertia the UFC surely could welcome more star power to an organization which has seen George St. Pierre take a sabbatical, Anderson Silva on a long lay off and possible retirement, Chael Sonnen, a serial drug cheat I might add, finally hanging up his gloves. I'm not saying that the UFC should be reliant on one man to carry the organization, that would be foolish, what I am saying is it's an organization that prides itself on providing the fans with the cream of the combat crop. Fans who are eager to witness exciting build ups, a relentless pace and spectacular finishes in the form of devastating KO's, all of which I've been delivering for the past four years. Despite commitments with BAMMA and K1, all of which can be easily and tidily resolved should the UFC seek my services, I'm here willing to put the much needed spark back into the division should I be required. The welterweight division needs that explosiveness that is currently lacking. I'd like to put the division on notice that they are on borrowed time should I be allowed to compete among them."

Since getting the boot from UFC, Daley has compiled an 11-4 record, with eight of those victories coming by knockout or submission.

Plenty of pleas and open letters later, White is sticking to his guns, saying that even though he likes Daley as a fighter, he "just can't" bring Daley back into the fold for the time being.

Still, "Semtex" hopes to one day bury the hatchet with White -- much like this guy did -- and earn a spot on a very crowded and talent-filled welterweight division.

Is it high time White and Co. rethink their disciplinary tactics and consider bringing Daley back? Or should "Semtex" put UFC in his rear-view mirror once and for all?

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