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UFC Quick Quote: Miesha Tate will kill Bryan Caraway in his sleep...

...if she ever finds out he's thinking about beating up women.


"I don't believe it happened at all. But if it did, it was someone else. At the very, very worst, maybe he bumped her as he walked by. But it was not intentional. He didn't just go 'Bam!' I mean, c'mon. What we have to gain by that, except being called a woman beater? Obviously, I would never be with someone who's a woman beater. I'm a pretty fucking strong-headed woman and there's no way. I would kill him in his sleep if he ever thought of it. I would straight up kill him. People saying that blows my mind. I feel like she just jumped on that train. As an adult if that would have happened, I would have said something right then and there."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight contender Miesha Tate (via FOX Sports) comes to the defense of her longtime boyfriend Bryan Caraway -- sans CAPS LOCK -- after being questioned about an alleged incident involving former "Cupcake" rival Cat Zingano. "Kid Lightning" was accused of throwing an elbow into an unsuspecting "Alpha" (details), but Tate thinks it was unintentional because hey, accidents happen. In addition, there is no way Tate would shack up with a woman beater (effectively eliminating this fantasy fight) and would kill him in his sleep if he ever thought about it. Basic Instinct 3!

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