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Darce Side Radio podcast: New York MMA debate with Jim Genia

Each week, "Darce Side Radio" podcast host Michael Stets shares his mixed martial arts (MMA) opinions on the latest hot topics, event previews (and reviews), key storylines and, of course, interviews many of the best fighters and personalities in the sport today. On this special edition episode, Stets is joined by longtime New York MMA journalist, Rebellion Media's Jim Genia, to go over the latest on New York's chances of seeing MMA become legal in 2014.

Jim Genia

"The bill for MMA in New York in the Assembly has about as much a chance of survival as a Stark at a Game of Thrones Wedding. It's pretty much going to be killed." --Jim Genia

The legislative calendar is coming to end this week, which means the fate of the bill to legalize MMA in the Empire State will once again be decided. Long time New York MMA journalist, Jim Genia, is the guest for this special edition episode of "Darce Side Radio" and he breaks down the latest on the ongoing struggle to see MMA become legal in New York.

The author of Raw Combat and head editor at Rebellion Media, Genia also helms his own site called and his work has been published in other outlets like DeadSpin and Vice, among others.

In one of his most recent articles for the former entitled "Hiv, Hepatitis C and More: New Yorks Amateur Scene Is A Disaster," Genia put his investigative hat on and uncovered some very ugly truths that have become a major health issue on the amateur MMA scene in New York. He explains what went into that article and the dangers that New York's unregulated amateur fighters are facing.

The audio player is embedded below (Just click play).

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