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Ben Askren: If Nick Diaz can stay off the pipe, I'd fight him and take him down like a wet paper bag

Anyone interested in seeing these two talented welterweights throw down?

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Suhaimi Abdullah

An intriguing welterweight match up that never came to be, was one pitting Nick Diaz against wrestling powerhouse Ben Askren.

Both enjoyed much success as rulers of their divisions under different promotions. Diaz dominated time and again during his reign as the 170-pound champion for the now-defunct Strikeforce from 2010 to 2011, while Askren pretty much cleaned house under the Bellator banner during his two-and-a-half year title run.

So what would the result be if the two went toe-to-toe today?

According to Askren, it wouldn't be much of a fight, as he sees himself defeating the Stockton slugger with little-to-no trouble at all. And he'd be more than willing to fight him, if Diaz can somehow "stay off the pipe."

"Funky" breaks it down to MMA Roasted:

"Diaz, man he ain't even fighting no more, why would I talk about me against someone who's retired? Well, if Nick Diaz can stay off the pipe, maybe I'll fight him. He's like taking down a wet paper bag. I don't think I'd have much trouble. He'd probably be flipping me off and shit, but I'll just smile at him."

After Askren parted ways with Bellator in 2013, he failed to get a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Soon thereafter, he landed a roster spot with ONE FC, winning his debut for the Asia-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion against Bakhtiyar Abbasov last month via first-round submission.

As for Diaz, he's still retired from active competition, but wouldn't mind strapping on his gloves one more time if the right fight came along. Maybe one against former UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva.

If that doesn't come to fruition, perhaps Diaz might be wooed into signing with ONE FC to prove Askren's theory wrong.

Anyone care to see it?

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