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UFC President Dana White in favor of Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz super fight

Because it could be the only way to get Nick Diaz back inside the Octagon.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White once said an Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz "super fight" makes no sense and will never happen.

Then again, that was 2012, when "The Spider" was still king of the 185-pound mountain and Diaz was still an active welterweight. Fast-forward to 2014 and the Brazilian is mending a broken leg on the heels of two losses and his Stockton counterpart is retired.

But there is still money to be made!!!

"If that's what'll take to get Nick to fight again," White told reporters at the UFC 174 media scrum (watch it here). "I know [Silva] wants it, so we'll see what happens. Anderson wants to fight Nick. Nick wants to fight Anderson. Why would I say no?"

He may not have to.

While Diaz has been jawing from the streets of the 209 -- much to the delight of Silva's manager Ed Soares -- this is likely another entry into the long line of UFC "super fights" that will end up in the same desolate warehouse where they keep the ark of the covenant.

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre Jon Jones Nick Diaz ... who wants it?

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