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Each week, "Darce Side Radio" podcast host Michael Stets shares his mixed martial arts (MMA) opinions on the latest hot topics, event previews (and reviews), key storylines and, of course, interviews many of the best fighters and personalities in the sport today. On this week's show, Stets is joined by "NY Subway Hero" Joe Lozito and Sirius XM FIght Club's Ricky Bones.

Joe Lozito

This past weekend we saw Kiss get into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and maybe it was Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley who were disguised as MMA judge Jeff Collins -- who turned in one of the most egregious score cards in the history of man -- at UFC Fight Night 42 last Saturday night (June 7, 2014) in Albuquerque.

Collins, of course, handed in a 30-27 in favor of Diego Sanchez over Ross Pearson, contributing to the split decision victory of the former and robbery of the latter.

Meanwhile in Culver City, California, referee Mike Beltran gave a rare timidity disqualification to Danny Aguiar in the third round of his fight against Sam Cooper at RFA 15.

Then to top all that off, on Tuesday, it was announced that Chael Sonnen had tested positive for two banned substances. And after saying on America's Pregame Show on FOX Sports 1 that he would appeal, he announced on UFC Tonight on Wednesday night that he would be retiring.

On Episode 35 of "Darce Side Radio" SiriusXM Fight Club's Ricky Bones comes on to break down all things "Chael Sonnen" and what it means for the UFC going forward.

Also, "The New York Subway Hero," Joe Lozito comes on to promote his new book "The New York Subway Hero: My Battle with Evil and a Spree Killer" ( Lozito retells the story of how in February of 2011 he stopped a killer on a rampage on the NY subway by using moves he learned from being a lifelong UFC fan.

The audio player is embedded below (just click play). All interviews are marked for the lazy who wish to jump ahead.