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Miesha Tate goes nuts on Facebook, unleashes CAPS LOCK on 'idiots' who bag on Bryan Caraway's alleged fishy finish

I'm not sure getting slapped by Miesha Tate would be such a bad thing. Then again, it all depends where.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Hey, idiot!

Yeah you, the one who keeps accusing Bryan Caraway of finishing his fight against Erik Perez with a fish hook. Do you want to get slapped by Miesha Tate? If so, keep running your mouth because her boyfriend, "Kid Lightning," secured his fight-ending submission in the second round, not the first, when the ACCIDENTAL fish hook was applied (video).


"All you idiots running your mouths about bryan FINISHING his fight via fishhook need to be slapped! First of all he accidentally fish hooked Goyo IN THE FIRST ROUND AND FINISHED THE FIGHT CLEAN IN THE 2nd ROUND!!!!!! Completely unrelated!! Furthermore you can 100% tell the fishhook was an accident BC goyo was able to TURN AWAY from the fishhook which means Bryan had absolutely NO pressure on it aka HE WASNT TRYING TO USE IT OR HE WOULD HAVE RIPPED GOYOS FACE TO THE LEFT INSTEAD OF WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHERE GOYO TURNED AWAY FROM THE FISHHOOK TO THE RIGHT. and SHAME on Bjpenn. com for a misleading title implying the fishhook had anything to do with the finish. Lastly, GOYO confirmed he DIDNT even realize the fishhook had happened which also confirms there was NO pressure on it or he would have known it had happened. Show me where the "Fishhook" is in the finish? Ya that's what I thought."

Bro, you just got served.

Caraway came under fire after the UFC Fight Night 42 event last weekend (Sat., June 7, 2014) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when replays showed him catching the mouth of "Goyito" while controlling the action on the mat. The former Ultimate Fighter and streaking bantamweight insisted it was accidental and coach Greg Jackson believes him.

Now let it go ... or face another round of ALL CAPS.

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