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TUF Brazil 3 Finale results: Fabio Maldonado 'embarrassed' by quick knockout loss to Stipe Miococ on FOX Sports 1

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But is it UFC matchmakers who should be sticking their heads in the sand?

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lost Junior dos Santos to a hand injury, it called upon light heavyweight hurter Fabio Maldonado for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil 3" Finale on May 31, 2014, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a headlining spot opposite heavyweight contender Stipe Miocic.

Maldonado promised a "bloodbath."

Instead, he was looking up at the lights in less than a minute, clearly unprepared to deal with punches from a much larger opponent (watch the replay here). While the onus falls on the promotion for its haste in pairing these two together, Maldonado still left the FOX Sports 1 broadcast feeling "embarrassed."

Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Last night's display of one-sidedness was a reminder that we have weight classes for a reason. Losing to a heavyweight may show up on the stat sheet, but it doesn't hurt his momentum in the 205-pound division. By that same token, Miocic gains very little for knocking around a smaller guy.

But they came, they saw, they got paid.

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