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TUF Brazil 3 Finale UFC results: Stipe Miocic knocks out Fabio Maldonado in 35 seconds

That was quick and painless. Go home, everyone.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The main event of last night's (Sat., May 31, 2014) The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil 3 Finale in Sau Paulo, Brazil, featured Stipe Miocic accepting a late replacement opponent in the form of light heavyweight Fabio Maldonado, who elected to go up in weight for a headlining showcase in his home country.

As quick as it started, it ended.

The critics have called out Maldonado for being careless, walking into punches like a zombie to dish them back out himself. Maybe that works out at 205-pounds but Miocic is a heavyweight with big power in his hands.

So when Stipe landed a hard shot, it put Fabio flat on his ass. He never recovered, at least not well enough to intelligently defend himself. That forced the referee to call a stop to the proceedings and mercifully end the longest day in UFC history.

With a squash match.


In the post-fight interview, Miocic remarked that Fabio "keeps coming forward and he doesn't stop". I guess he missed the ending of this very fight.

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